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Who is Becky

One part photographer. One part cook. One part thrill-seeker–All tied up with an undeniable passion for life’s many gifts.
Born and raised in a little southern Kansas town, I grew up with a big yard, a lot of animals, a little brother and many adventures– Now experiencing life in Los Angeles, where the adventures continue–
I drink good whiskey, I eat great food, I love amazing people. My insatiable appetite for more has propelled me into experiences that only my wildest dreams could have predicted. I photograph what makes me happy. Food stuffs, food personalities, lifestyle and travel. With a strong belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that the magic is in the details.
Daily inspiration comes from everything remarkable. Joyful people, fluffy farm animals, brass pots, the color of the sky, black and white gelatin prints, paper, my brother, running with no specific destination, amazing chefs, farmers markets, thrift stores, far away places, cookbooks, cheesy motels, craft stores, films.
Dozens of tattered, stained, scribbled notepads bounce around inside my many many handbags. All covered in thoughts, notes, inspirations, pictures, doodles, names, places, titles, ideas. I keep them all.

My cooking career started at the mature age of about… 4, when I was given the highly complicated task of separating the good green beans, from the ones with brown spots on them. OR later as I learned from expertly analyzing my mothers every move, how to make pie crust and keep it from crumbling to pieces. From there, that passion only harbored inside me, and slowly grew, into what I would now call the long road to my true life’s path. Cooking. I often tell people [jokingly, albeit, very true] that I love food more than any normal person should… I love the look of food, the idea behind how to make it. The process that goes into growing a plant, or raising a steer, or aging and maturing cheese. Every step of the process for which a meal is conceptualized, sourced, studied, prepared, analyzed, tasted… and most importantly enjoyed. I truly believe that it is this precise reason that I am the cook I am today. My sincere love and undeniable passion for food, in every capacity, is what I would [hope] makes me a good cook. I want people to eat my food, and just enjoy it. I want it to taste good, be satisfying, and a bit nostalgic, even perhaps surprising, and beautiful. I respect the product, I respect my fellow cooks, and most of all I respect and love feeding people– their bellies, but moreover, their soul– A lesson my mother taught me long ago.
And now, because of all of that, and an unbelievable blessing, I have been graced with the remarkable opportunity to compete on FOX television’s MASTERCHEF. An experience of a lifetime, and one that I certainly do not take for granted. Meet amazing people who share the same passion for food as you do? Count me in!! Talk about dream come true–

I learn more than I teach, I smile more than I scowl, I’m loud more than I’m quiet, I run more than I walk, I look forward more than backward, I’m frank more than I’m coy, I cook more than I reheat, I work hard and play hard
Anything exciting, beautiful, shiny, new, old. I love it all.
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  1. Becky is also “one part” cute butt!

  2. Did you used to wait tables at Carrabba’s in Overland Park Kansas? I used to work there and as soon as I saw you on Master Chef I thought, hey I know that girl.

  3. Good Luck on MC (not that it can help since the taping is over). I’m rooting for you. Your food looks almost as good as you do… Almost.

  4. Your passion, talent and eye for detail… combined with your look, personality and smile; now that’s a dynamite combination. I think I’ve fallen in love :) . Good luck on MC and in your career, although you’re already well on your way. As cheesy as it sounds, it would put me on cloud 9 if you’d honor this Texas gentleman with a chat sometime.

  5. Amazing Becky! I can hear your voice in your bio. So much fun. The site is beautiful, though I wouldn’t expect anything less…

    • Haha, Thank you Anna!! I’m happy to hear my voice comes through in my [albeit not so grammatically correct] writing !

  6. Glad the catering event went well. Sure have enjoyed watching my favorite daughter(also only daughter) on the MC show. Everything you portrayed here on your site from your event looked incredible!!

    Keep it up Sweetie

    PS – Mom says Hi!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Photographer AND a chef…hmmmm you sound perfect!

  8. you’re amazing, enjoy following you on masterchef. you are gorgeous

  9. You are effing awesome on master chef. Talented, sexy, and just delightfully entertaining to watch. Best part of the show. Really hoping to see you publish a cookbook or photo book.

  10. I’m so glad you made it through the sushi session tonight—-I was worried about you and David as a team!

    Also great site and keep serving up your wonderful, creative dishes!

  11. You are without a doubt the best Master Chef competitor yet! I am a huge fan now and will be long after the show <3

    I am an officer in the Army and I keep spreading your name around like wildfire. You have a lot of support from a lot of us!

  12. It’s really something to watch you cook and compete. Your drive and talent are so clear and I’m sure it will propell you to the winner’s circle. Best of luck!

    PS- great website too!

  13. can i use your biscuit recipe? please… XD

  14. Best Wishes Becky! You are like a pro! Where did you learn all those skills? :)

    • Ah thanks!! A lot of reading, practicing, and experimenting!! Oh the trials and tribulations that have occurred in my own kitchen…

  15. Big fan of yours on MC. Glad I found your blog! Your photos are simply stunning. Keep up the great work, in front of the camera & behind it!

  16. Becky, I have been rooting for you all along yet just discovered your blog! In my humble opinion, you’ve already won Masterchef! You not only put great looking food on a plate, but are an insanely talented food photographer! Can’t wait to buy your cookbook!

  17. Just had to give a shout out to another BV graduate (OK, I’m a *bit* older, class of ’80)-but you don’t see too many folks from Stilwell, KS appearing alongside Gordon Ramsay. Good luck to you-I’ll be rooting for you, homegirl.

  18. Your love for life comes across in everything you do. You have such a great sense of taste and a great eye for photography. I have no doubt that you are going on to bigger and better things! I think you are going to win Master Chef. Keep smiling and don’t let anyone or anything get you down!

  19. Becky, more than part cute. Beautiful everything. Mind, body, and food. Those eyes, smile, and of course everything else. Great food mind. Wish I was closer to taste your ideas! Big fan here. Come to NC sometime, I will grill for you!

  20. Way to go Becky.. Once again tonight you proved you are the best on their.. Proud of you!

  21. My daughter and I love watching Master Chef together. We are both pulling for you. I grew up watching my grandma cook. While the other kids were out in the yard, I was helping stuff the turkey, set the table and washing the dishes. I believe presentation, taste and good company are the best ingredients for success in the kitchen! You have a passion. Hold on to that. We will keep watching and cheering your acomplishments!

  22. Your outlook towards life and enjoying every moment is refreshing to see. People seem to be to busy to notice the little things anymore. I wish you the best in every endeavor.

  23. You are a breath of fresh air… Your message above was a testament to living and enjoying life to the very fullest; and, you are stunning as well!

  24. Becky, you’re amazing to look at and so adorable. The food you make is probably definitely as good as you look.

  25. Becky, win or lose, I’m buying your next book. You’re hands down the best on Masterchef (not even close).

  26. Good job last MasterChef. I think it was the best out of all of them!

  27. Looking forward to the conclusion. Hope I see you there. It would be well deservedas you have consistently produced the superior plate and execution

  28. So where can i buy a poster size of ur black and white portrait photo?! So beautiful! And talented!

  29. Been a photographer, lifestyles all my life, now about to embark on a new career in food, nice work, on both sides of the camera.

  30. Love your talent, and I’m sure you’ll win, but I also cant wait to see if you’re wearing another sleeveless blouse. Good luck!

  31. Hey, you have the most stunning and radiant smile. You love the camera and the camera loves you.

  32. Hi Becky,

    You are great. Hearing praises about you from three great chefs/judges says a lot about you. I know my wife is a great great cook but she is desperate to take cooking classes from you and Christine (Don’t mind She is also awesome)

  33. Breathtaking is the only word that describes you. Your food, your attitude, and of course you yourself…I have never seen anyone with so much passion, yet still so modest and grounded. Really pulling for you in Masterchef. Good luck!

  34. Becky is my favorite to win Master Chef

  35. Riggs rd bring any memories?

  36. you are so great :) [ sorry Becky, Im from Vietnam english is not good enough to describe but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the best chef in the whole competition ]

  37. Becky, it has been a pleasure watching you this season. You are so charming! I love it when you get your little scrunchy face! I know it’s TV and I know it’s edited and I know it’s just a glimps of the “Becky” that the producers want us to see. However, I think you seem grounded yet ambitious, humble yet confident, and simple yet interesting. Where are you from??? Kansas??? Where the “F” is Kansas anyway? I hope you enjoyed your time on the West Coast. I hope you won masterchef. I hope I run into you in an airport. I’ll be the big bald guy trying to hug you. You’re a Star. Best of luck.

    PS…your photography is amazing as well.

  38. Becky, I have been a fan of yours from the start of Masterchef– I think you are so wonderful and so talented! Please win so I can buy your cookbook! My whole family is rooting for you big time!

  39. Hi Becky,

    It is September 4th. Tonight I get my MC fix for the week. I am a little dewildered that Josh is still hanging around. I sure hope that it will be you and Christine in the finale. Best of luck!!

    One question, have you made any life long friends while being on Master Chef?


    • Hi Becky,

      Good luck tonight!! I hope that you and Christine are in the finale!!


    • Ofcourse!! I was closest to Frank, Christine, Felix and Cowboy mike. However all of them are for sure friends for LIFE! !!!!

  40. Hey Becky I am your biggest fan and I was wondering can I ask you a few questions please?

  41. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching you on Masterchef. I’m sorry you didn’t win and you’re very beautiful.

  42. Hi Becky,

    Congats on your 3rd place finish. Once it reached 2 women and Josh, I knew you
    or Christine were not going to make it. Something is fishy!

  43. Becky, I just wanted to write and let you know that it was amazing watching you on Master Chef. Although the producers definitely spun your personality in a certain way, your genuine support for the other contestants, faith in them and also your passion for food really shined through in the later episodes. You are an incredible inspiration and it was heartbreaking to see you leave! Hope that you are continuing to do what you do best, cooking, and to continue living with that genuine spirit that I’m sure so many of us appreciate and adore!

  44. Becky, would you marry me? ;)

  45. hi becky, just watched the top 3 episode of masterchef, and I think it was the most appealing you’ve ever been on the show…the part where you talked about the food you grew up on wasn’t sophisticated was very revealing. Just a thought…you seem to shine the most in your food and photography when you really connect rather than think about it…perhaps you could connect in a new and old way with your roots. great job and best of luck in one of gordon’s kitchens.
    ps. perused your photography on this site – so exquisite. I’m writing a book about my dearly departed Labrador, Sona, and I wish she was still alive for you to photograph.

    best, m

  46. Becky, it was so great to watch you compete. You are a wonderful credit to Kansas. I just kept thinking all season long that I wish I could taste those dishes absolutely beautiful. WELL DONE!

  47. At first I thought Becky was kind of a uppity bitch, always talking some trash on my favorite Monti, but when she stopped being so mean (or at least the cameras stopped showing her being mean) I started to root for her and I was #teambecky all the way eventually.

    Pretty bummed she went out, I think she would have won it all had she not gotten sandbagged with frogs legs. Also she’s a babe. Give her a show, somebody.

  48. Hi Becky,
    I’ve been watching MasterChef season 3 since day one and have been very impressed on all the compliments you have received. I love the fact that your passions shines through the dishes you prepare. I also love your photography. You are inspiration to many young aspiring chefs, including myself (although I want to be a pastry chef-still a chef nonetheless) I recently started a blog of my own, a place to keep my recipes, and I included a favorites sections where I plan to keep quotes and what not that I find inspiring and insightful. After reading your about me, the end drew attention to me, as it relates to me and I’m sure it does to others as well. thank you for being such an inspiration.

    • Wow, thats awesome!!!! Thanks so much for such kind words!!! I love being around food in any capacity, and truly love that I may be of some inspiration to others (blushing) although the whole idea of me inspiring others seems just SO unbelievable– I absolutely love it! Thanks again, its people like you that make me happy I did the show :) cheers

  49. I admit it, I am a fan of MasterChef, but a terrible cook.

    What I am, however, is a dedicated photographer, and when you got eliminated from the competition, your fellow contestant Christine Ha spoke highly of you and mentioned your two websites, this one and your photography site.

    Of course I couldn’t resist. I wanted to see those great photos of yours and I have to admit, they are absolutely superb! While the odds of me ever being able to cook any of those wonderful meals you and the other MasterChefs have created week after week, are about as high as me winning a Nobel Prize for anything, you have made a fan in me, Becky. I loved your photos, and after checking out your two websites you have definitely gained my admiration.

    You really are an amazing person, Ms. Reams.

    • WOW!!!!! Thank you! So sweet of you to say, and I appreciate the love and support :) Thanks for checking out my sites…

  50. Hey Becky! I was so disappointed to see that you did not make it to the final round — I am a fan of Josh and Christine as well, but definitely felt you were the strongest contender! You make magic happen in the kitchen and from behind the lens. Happy to see that Chef Ramsey has placed an incredible opportunity in your court – maybe an adventure in Paris is on the horizon? Best wishes for continued success to you from all the way in San Francisco…


  51. Hi Becky. Congratulations on getting into the top three of Masterchef. I really hoped it would be you against Christine in the finale, and I was sorry to see you go. You were amazing.

  52. Hey Becky! You’re awesome! Love all the way from Singapore; hope to see your cookbook/photobook soon :)

  53. Hi Becky,
    It is amazing the passion you put in both, your food and photography. You blend the two ingredients so effortlessly that you bring harmony. They just complement each other so beautifully.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I hope one day I will have the honour to eat in your restaurant and buy your book.

    Success, happiness and good fortune always

    Dom :) (Brampton, ON)

  54. Becky, I am so exhausted that you had to leave MasterChef on a soggy potato. Hope to see what you continue to do and your best, in the food industry. Although you have many contestants who left before you did, especially your passion in food has shined in earlier episodes. I’m sure that you will keep up the good work on your cooking skills and your technique, especially your finesse in the kitchen. Good luck with everything, and take it easy.

  55. I am so exhausted that you got eliminated from MasterChef Becky! You are extremely beautiful and always smiling in the kitchen when it comes to food. Great style!

  56. Maybe also one part inspiration. Thanks, Becky, for allowing me to feel more confident in my own kitchen. It was really enjoyable to share in your experience with MasterChef. Don’t give up on your dreams, as you’re an inspiration to us all! :)

  57. I’m absolutely in love with you!!

  58. hi becky!! you’re so beautiful…. <3 i admire u so much! i love youu……….. from ur diehard

  59. Hi Becky! I am from the Philippines and I am a big fan. I do not know how to cook, but I am sure I would love to taste some of your dishes before I die. I always watch replays of Masterchef just to see you and your precious smile while cooking. Anyway, good luck to your future plans, stay safe and God bless.

  60. Hey Becky! I just watched the Masterchef Season 3 (I know I’m outdated). I just wanna say that you are so beautiful (especially your smile)! I saw there are some not so good comments about you but who cares. I am truly amazed at how you always perform so well in all the challenges. I think you should be the model, not the photographer. :)

  61. We are still watching MC3 here in China.
    My wife is quite jealous of you, as I find you extremely hot!
    Hot cook… Sounds like a concept….

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