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8 Jan ’13
by Becky

Molecular Gastronomy… Time to get the facts straight

It almost goes without saying, that people have a polarized view of molecular gastronomy. Either you love it, hate it, love to hate it, or if you’re anything like my folks, turn up your nose, in confusion. In any case, … Continue reading

13 Sep ’12
by Becky

Okay, that happened. My inconceivable journey.

  That was a heck-of-a-thing…. The laughs, the tears, the life-changing experience for which is Masterchef. Side-note: This is a letter from me to you. You’ll find no links, no plugs, no promos. Just me talking about what was, what … Continue reading

9 Aug ’12
by Becky

The retuuuuurn of the Mack…errrr…MASTERCHEF– Tuesday August 14th

Anyone get that musical reference? Please? Please someone say yes… okay never mind #fail Anyway, SO WE’RE ALMOST BACK! I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… Wait just a mere 4 more days! Your supreme … Continue reading

17 Jul ’12
by Becky


And we’re in the coooouuuntry!!! Yeehaw! You’d think it would be a complete dream come true for me! Horses, cowboys and GORDON RAMSAY, OH MY!! Its undoubtedly going to be another whirlwind of an adventure. In the last couple weeks, … Continue reading

18 Jun ’12
by Becky

Masterchef top 100 Audition Dish

Well, better late than never, right? I guess I’m a bit of a late bloomer, as far as getting this recipe and pictures up online– #fail me. I could rail off a zillion [in my mind] viable excuses, but that’s … Continue reading