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It still seems a bit unreal to even put into words, but this year I have been chosen to compete on FOX televisions MASTERCHEF!! Yes, as in the best home cooks in America competition, with Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot! It premieres JUNE 4th!! And will be airing every Monday and Tuesday night at 9/8 C throughout the summer… I’m sure it will be a wonderful show!! I was lucky enough to make it to the TOP 100!!!!! And hopefully will go further in the competition, but you’ll have to tune in to check it out!!!! Have a merry ol’ time, and tune in Mondays and Tuesdays, to potentially watch a silly food photographer from Stilwell, KS, cook for her life and attempt to impress the biggest culinary guys in the business…


  1. Love the article

  2. You’re amazing on the show so far! You’re definitely one of the strongest contestants so far…

  3. hey neighbor, getting my friends on facebook to watch you this summer, and loads of good luck and great cooking, so you can win the whole enchilada !! and you’re right, it was a little weird to see george ramsey on a horse, wearing plaid … so good luck !!

  4. You are such an amazing cook on the show and I can wish you the best. You are an inspiration on everything you cook. Thanks for being an inspiration and love everything you do.

  5. one thing to learn from mc would clearly be to tame your hysteria.
    besides that you’re doing a great job.

  6. I think you will win!

  7. There are always occasions where a father states that he is proud of a a son or daughter. It is a rare situation where a father can say he is astounded by the accomplishments of one of his children. I must however state that I agree with the general public that My daughter Becky has gone beyond borders and has proven to America that she has talent in the culinary arts and deserves to be crowned a masterchef. No man, father, could be more proud of his daughter than I. I prefer, require, this statement, to be made public to the general population. I am proud of you, my daughter, my first born, Becky . You are without a doubt, a culinary master. I,m proud of you. Thank you for making your father proud.

  8. That’s a great message, Mr. Reams. Your daughter is in the top three and holding her own in a very grueling competition. Becky has astounded everyone, including the judges, for winning and placing high in so many challenges. Win or lose, you have every reason to be proud of her.

  9. Just a heads up to everyone:

    It looks like the Finale of MC3 is going to be shown in two parts tomorrow night (Tuesday). This will include the top 3 contestants challenge, and then the top 2 final cook-off for the title of Master Chef.

    Go Becky!!

  10. Nooooooooooooooooo ! Becky! I’m so sad to see you get eliminated. That was difficult to watch.

    You got crossed up with not enough fish on your mystery box challenge, and it set off a domino effect of bad luck from which you weren’t ultimately able to recover. Damn.

    I really hope you will take Chef Ramsay up on his offer to work in one of his restaurants. He obviously sees your gift. You know something, cooking to win a prize as a contestant on a reality show is sometimes a matter of luck as much as it is skill. The rules are designed to try to trip you up. In one of Ramsay’s restaurants the environment would be quite different. I hope you take his offer.

    I’ve enjoyed watching you compete Becky. All the best in your future. I beleive you will go far in whatever you decide to do.

    Take care.

  11. You fought valiently, but the fish got you as it has so many in the food world… I wish you the best and hope you take advantage of Gordon’s offer. A michelin star restaurant is where the learning of food concepts and psychology of color really begins.

  12. In a way, Ramsay was right when he said a couple of challenges ago he thought Becky “was on a downward spiral”. She didn’t do as well the last 3 out of 4 challenges.

    I’d like to hear from Becky herself what she thought was happening the last few challenges. Stress? Fatigue? Emotions? Bad luck?

  13. Hi Becky, good job on the show! I personally felt that christine only won it because she has a better story to tell and ultimately will end up selling more books. not to take away anything from her but her cooking was really 1 dimensional and she made fried chicken at least twice and the chefs were all worshipping it.

    From a pure culinary point of view i think she should not have lasted past top 4 and the title would have been between u and Josh.

    Anyway hope u take up Gordon Ramsey’s offer!

  14. Hi Becky! Even though u finish third, for me u r still the best among all other contestants and of course 5 times mystery box challenge winner! Our support will be with u forever!

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