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23 Dec ’12
by Becky

Cookies and confessions

Why does it seem like I’m always writing, but it’s been for-ev-er since I posted here?! Oh, because it’s TRUE. What the heck man?! I have been writing a ton lately for Whisked Foodie, which is super rad, however, it … Continue reading

9 Aug ’12
by Becky

The retuuuuurn of the Mack…errrr…MASTERCHEF– Tuesday August 14th

Anyone get that musical reference? Please? Please someone say yes… okay never mind #fail Anyway, SO WE’RE ALMOST BACK! I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… Wait just a mere 4 more days! Your supreme … Continue reading

17 Jul ’12
by Becky


And we’re in the coooouuuntry!!! Yeehaw! You’d think it would be a complete dream come true for me! Horses, cowboys and GORDON RAMSAY, OH MY!! Its undoubtedly going to be another whirlwind of an adventure. In the last couple weeks, … Continue reading

24 Jun ’12
by Becky

First Private Dinner Event

  Last Friday, I was honored to cook dinner for a special private dinner, organized by the lovely Toni Purry. A wonderful woman, with a huge heart, and [luckily] an adventurous palette. The  special dinner was for 18 people, at … Continue reading