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I am broken into two parts- Becky Reams Chef & Becky Reams Photographer
Against all odds, and in spite of all my best efforts, I cannot bear to part with either half of me… I can’t live without cooking, and I can’t live without my photography. And so, I am a cyborg. Always surrounded my amazing people, delicious food, budding creativity and incredible inspiration. So I’m always teeter-tottering between the two worlds, which means I’m, luckily, always doing something different–and experiencing new things. Just the way I like it.
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  1. I’m a MasterChef fan. Is the competition live or was it filmed some months ago like Survivor? How did you get in the competition? It’s too late to compete with you but I’m glad that you have won so far! 8/28

  2. Becky. You are amazing! I hope you win Masterchef! Stay gorgeous! ;)

  3. Becky you’re so gorgeous!! I hope you will win MasterChef! ^^ All the best!!
    (love from Singapore) :)

  4. Becky,
    Love your site, and especially your cooking on MasterChef! I love the way you cook, and present your plates..Keep up the photography, and especially your cooking.

  5. Becky,
    Absolutely love your cooking styles. How you come up with the ideas on the spot is a wonder. Your naturally beautiful, talented, and truly an inspiration to us home cooks. Hope you continue on your cooking talents along with your photography. Good luck and God bless!


  6. What are your plans now ? and is there cook book in your future?
    you where my number 1# all the way through!

  7. Becky, I’m so sorry you were eliminated last week. You were my favourite in every episode because I could tell that you wanted the MasterChef title more than anyone else. You are incredibly talented and I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors! If you decide to work in one of Chef Ramsay’s restaurants, I will definitely stop by and try one of your dishes sometime!

  8. I love the way you plate the dishes, and your food are all look so delicious,,, keep it up becky.. (love from Philippines..)

  9. it was great to watch you follow your dream on MC3! I really wish you would have won my wife and I were rooting for you all the way! Good luck with following your dreams! Love your photography too, wish you did family pictures.

    • I shoot anything and everything… I could probably arrange some family pics :)
      And thank you for all your kind words

  10. Both Josh and Christine said that you should take photos of their dishes in the Final Episodes of the MasterChef Show. I hope you do. And to photograph your own recipes! .

  11. Being a shutterbug, how much shooting were you able to get in during filming? Were you able to get any amazing shots? I bet you could fill an album up of all the amazing behind the scenes activity.

  12. Hello Becky. Congrats on the great showing on MasterChef, tho you didn’t win, you did an amazing job and need to be commended for it. You are an absolutely gorgeous girl and I hope we see more of you. So what are your future plans as far as cooking is concerned? Gordan says you are always welcome to work in one of his kitchens. Do you see that happening? You also have a look and personality that I feel would be just perfect for TV. Any chance of seeing your own cooking show some day? At the very least you need to have your own cookbook. Complete with your own pictures of your masterpieces. I know for a fact I would be picking that up soon as it comes out. :) Anyway best of luck to you in all your future endeavors.

  13. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! It was only recently when I got hooked to this tv show, Masterchef. And I ALWAYS, ALWAYS thought that the fight would be between you and Frank in the final two. To be quite honest, you guys were the sole reason I watched the show. For me, you seemed to have the most passion, the most talent, and not to mention that you were the best-looking in the entire competition! Haha. I almost bawled my eyes out when you got eliminated…but I didn’t. Because I knew, that even though you didn’t get that title, you’d be able to achieve great things. More power to you! Great site, btw! I love your photos!

    • Thank you Camille! Means a lot to hear such sweet things!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the show! And yes, you’ll be seeing more from me… case in point — see my articles and cooking videos ‘Foodie Next Door’ Thx again!!

  14. Hi Becky. Congrats for making it to the top3. I was rooting for you! {;ease share us what happened to Gordon’s job offer to you. Thanks!

  15. I watched the show from the beginning and i was sadden when you didn’t win. Good luck and hope you took chef on his offering. Job in Paris that would be great. Just imagine the picture you could take. Either way good luck and keep on cooking.

  16. Dear Becky: I definitely am a big fan of yours on Masterchef and I wanted you to win so badly I knew you had it. When I first saw you I was cheering you on every minute I could because I wanted you to win that bad and I cried when you went home. Though top 3 is still an awesome accomplishment that you have made and I will continue to cheer you on your future cooking career cause In reality you can cook really amazing foods. You are the prettiest girl on the show but to me you are a masterchef no matter who said you are a special one in my heart. Take care and God bless

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