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Why does it seem like I’m always writing, but it’s been for-ev-er since I posted here?! Oh, because it’s TRUE. What the heck man?! I have been writing a ton lately for Whisked Foodie, which is super rad, however, it means that my writing for The Delicious View has suffered… [sad face]. Well, I’m remedying that right now. Some updates, some fun upcoming events, and a little completely-non-cheffy baking. I’ll get to those goofy little cookies, here in moment…

Its Christmas eve eve… already. I. Cannot. Believe. It.
2012 has FLOWN by. What a year, I mean WHAT A YEAR! I swear Thanksgiving was yesterday, and now I’m already avoiding the inevitable packing that has to happen before my trip home tomorrow. Le sigh… I must say, all in all, I’m nothing but EXCITED!! I love the holidays, and this is by far, my favorite time of year. What’s not to love? It’s practically an entire month centered around celebrating with people you love, FOOD, cookies, Booze, dressing up, surprising people with gifts, shopping, and more FOOD! It’s basically my dream. As such I obviously have done more than my fair share of cooking and baking this year. November and December have been ridiculously busy months for me on the cooking front, for which I’m very stoked to share with all of you.
First off, I’m very veeeeeery excited to be a part of a seriously kick butt App, for ipad and iphone, available in the itunes store, called Appetites. Its a cooking App, wherein, you browse through over a dozen different cooking classes, and download the individual class. You watch step-by-step, how-to videos, where we prepare the particular recipe.

Appetites App

It’s SO user-friendly, ANYONE can successfully prepare the exact dish! I have several classes available, including things like my Inverted Carrot Cake, with coconut pecan crumble, or my Savory Bread Pudding with shitake & maitake mushrooms, my Butternut Squash Panna Cotta, Maple-bacon Skillet Cornbread, or perfect Roasted Chicken with salsa verde… PLUS MORE! The cookie-baking classes will drop very soon… It’s a featured App in Crate & Barrel Stores, and was named top 10 App by Apple… Kinda cool. As in, I’m surprised and humbled to be a part of it. Other great Chefs are featured as well, so you get a broad range of personalities and cooking styles. Please check it out, and let me know which classes interest you the most!!! :)
PLUS… as my GIFT TO YOU! Go HERE, and scroll down, you’ll get a code to download Appetites, for FREE!! Whaaaaaat?? For real??? YES, for real!!

Next thing on the docket is something you all are probably sick of hearing about from me, but I’m uber uber uber excited about, and that’s Whisked Foodie. This website is a foodie-playground. All things food, restaurants, tips, tricks, trends, everything about food you could possibly never know you wanted to know, but desperately want to know. I am part of their editorial team, writing articles on all sorts of fun food stuff. Everything from spotlighting figs, persimmons, charcuterie, the best sushi in LA, with reviews! My favorite kitchen gadgets, what I cook for date-night, why I pickle everything, and why I stay in Los Angeles as an under-appreciated foodie-havenYou can subscribe to stay updated when my new articles post, or just check back every couple days, to see what’s new. Either way, I urge you stop by, it would make me really really happy for all my loyal Masterchef fan-peeps took a little look-see :) ) xoxo

Next up, and closely related to my writing, is Foodie Next Door. My COOKING SHOW!!!!! Holy moly! Okay, it’s a web-series, not a TV show, first of all, and its a series complied of easy-to-digest 3-5 minute videos, wherein I show you how to cook a dish of mine. My goal is to prepare dishes that I think home-cooks would find interesting, engaging, and delicious. I know cooking can be intimidtating, especially when it comes to ‘exotic’ ingredients, or misunderstood techniques. Well, I’m here to put all those fears to rest. Scared of cooking shellfish at home? No worries, watch my clams with chorizo and salsa verde episode. I also make things like a pumpkin mousse that will knock your socks off. Looking for a not-so-boring-salad? I’ve got you covered, with a Brussels sprouts and charred radicchio salad, or a healthy green lentil salad with sweet potato and cumin vinaigrette. pork belly with miso caramel, pan-seared duck breasts with homemade hoisen, I explain what gochujang is, and I why I’m obsessed with it. The recipes are both unusual, inventive, and TOTALLY DO-ABLE in your very own home. ALL the videos are located HERE! Please check out a video or two, and let me know what you think! This is just a jumping off point for me, so as I keep making new episodes, I want everyones comments, so I can start cooking what YOU want to see!! I just want to help other home-cooks, like myself, be the best you can be and HAVE FUN IN THE KITCHEN!
You may or may not know this about me, but I am a pretty sarcastic, goofy, first-to-make-fun-of-myself-type of gal. I love to laugh (usually at my own awkwardness) and adore comedy. As such, I was lucky enough to get an invite to hang out with Doug Benson and Karen Anderson, on their cooking/comedy podcast Dining with Doug and Karen. Fast-forward three months, and I’ve now been a guest THREE TIMES!! What the?! I must have done something right, because for whatever reason they keep invting me back. I love them. They are seriously some of the silliest, kindest people, and I’m tickled pink, to call them friends.

I have had the opportunity to laugh til my sides ache, and feed some seriously funny peeps, such as Pete Holmes, Kumail Nanjiani, and Karen Kilgariff My most recent stint, we ate, talked sex + food, questioned the need for raisins as being useless fruit, and argued the origins of egg nog. It’s worth a listen, check it out on, and listen to my earlier stints as well… Oh did I mention I give you a readers digest version of how to infuse vodka with pine, and make the creamiest, 100% VEGAN mousse dessert, with an isi siphon? Yeah, that’s pretty rad too… :)
Holy hell, that’s a lot.
I love you if you’re still here reading. If not, that’s sad, and this statement is completely meaningless.
As for the reindeer cookies? Well, what can I say, I had a major A.D.D moment, and in the midst of some Star Trek-watching-pinterest-browsing, I got inspired. I realized after all the cooking I’ve been doing for Foodie Nest Door, Dining with Doug and Karen, Appetites, and an upcoming Whole Foods demo… I hadn’t decorated ONE COOKIE. Oh the shame… So I spontaneously went into cookie-baking mode and whipped up some super-basic sugar cookies (That, truth be told, aren’t that good. They just taste like semi-sweet biscuits… Simply created as a vehicle for a TON of sweet icing) I colored about 12 bowls of royal icing, and made a giant rainbow mess of food coloring, including getting green all over my hands and face, like a scary, holiday she-hulk.
In the end, I feel the universe is back in balance, even if these cookies don’t make it anywhere but into my suitcase to take back to Kansas. My dad will eat anything.

Some of the little guys suffered injuries along the way… getting packed for transport.

No recipe. They’re pretty straightforward, any sugar cookie recipe will do (I guarantee yours is better than the one I used anyway) and the royal icing I used was a combo of pasteurized egg whites, confectioners sugar, cream of tartar, vanilla, and water. Easy peasy.
Happy Happy HAPPY holidays to all of you. I hope that 2012 has been magical, and successful. And even if it hasn’t been all you’d wished it were, then you’re in luck, because 2013 is bound to be YOUR YEAR! Fresh starts and all..
Peace, & Foodie Love, friends

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  1. In the absence of Becky Reams on TV any time she is on a podcast is a good time for all. I love watching Foodie Next Door, even if the giant forks and spoons make me think someone has zapped her with a Honey I Shrunk the Kids ray gun.

  2. Lovely post, Becky. Congratulations on the new cooking show! That’s so awesome!

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