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Thanksgiving is… practically now. Allow me to help.


Right around the corner, I know! I got a few tips and tricks, to make this year’s holiday run a lil smoother.
Click here for the full article, with a checklist!

Author: Becky

I drink good whiskey, I eat great food, I love amazing people. My insatiable appetite for more has propelled me into experiences that only my wildest dreams could have predicted. I do what makes me happy. I COOK and I photograph Food. Food stuffs, food personalities, lifestyle and travel. With a strong belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that the magic is in the details.


  1. My mom is getting older so this year I decided to take over Thanksgiving. This article was super helpful, as I had never seen my mom prepare days ahead by slicing and storing away veggies and components of dishes. All worries I’d ruin Thanksgiving were thrown out when my fridge looked like an organized shelf from Ikea and all I had to do on Thanksgiving was put everything together. May Becky Reams forever lead us lost amateur cooks to the promised land.

  2. Hi Becky! I’m Ethnic Foodie, a new food blogger over at (which I’ve just started and is currently in construction). I’m new to your blog, and I must say – you. are. totally. awesome! Food photography has become one of my passions thanks to you, and you’ve really inspired me to clean up on my plating abilities and focus on making that great shot! Seeing you create amazing, amazing dishes on MasterChef was delightful, and I’m so happy you’ve got a blog to document your journey with food and photography :)

    Anyways, your Thanksgiving checklist is so cute of you to do, and although I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, this checklist can pretty much be adapted to use for any major gathering that is going to involve a lot of people and so, requires good food. Thank you so much for the handy tips, and I’m looking forward to being prepared the next time I’ll have to host a big meal! :D

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