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Okay, that happened. My inconceivable journey.




That was a heck-of-a-thing…. The laughs, the tears, the life-changing experience for which is Masterchef.

Side-note: This is a letter from me to you. You’ll find no links, no plugs, no promos. Just me talking about what was, what is, and what will be. That’s it. Hope you take a moment to read on. xoxo Becky

If you would have told me exactly one year ago, that in the near future, I’d be competing on a national TV show, on FOX, with Gordon Ramsay, cooking for Alain Ducasse? I’d have taken your keys away, I told you to quit drinking the crazy juice.
Honestly. I have never been the person with dreams of being on TV, aspirations of Hollywood-stardom, or expectations of glitz and glamour. I have, however, always had dreams. Always had aspirations, and more than anything, always had drive. Okay, so we all know, I’m a lil’ competitive… Kinda grew up that way I guess… sports, art contests, card games, anything. Its just the way I am. I hate when I’m not good at something, and can’t be better. Therefore, I work my tail off to be better. I teach myself things, practice, learn, read, fail, try again. So whether its learning to do a handstand, or properly extract sea urchin, I want to figure out how to do it.
So, rambling aside, this I suppose is how I came to be on Masterchef. I simply did my best to answer all their questions as honestly, and passionately as possible. I gave it my all, all the time. There was never a single day when I did not look down at my watch and think, wow, we’ve been here 12 hours, I’m exhausted, I wish I weren’t here. No. Everyday, when I was exhausted, broken down, sore, defeated, or simply lonely, I closed my eyes and remembered what a beautiful gift had been given to me. The gift of following my dream, and being given the arena to share that with millions of people.
Its still gives me chills when I think about what it felt like, walking into the Masterchef kitchen, Christine on my arm, everyday. We would walk in, slowly moving toward the judges, unknowing what awaited us, poised, nervous, yet anxiously awaiting our next challenge.
I had unbelievable ups, and unbelievable lows. Many times in the same 24 hours. Its gut wrenching to see a friend go home, and the mixed feeling associated are like nothing I’d ever felt before, truly surreal. The highs are unbelievable, because you put your heart and soul into something, and want it to be accepted more than anything in the world. So when those feelings you have, come to fruition, and win over the judges, its the most remarkable feeling, as my co-contestants can attest to.
There’s really too much to say in this post, and frankly, I’m the crummiest typist ever (not afraid to admit that one… although I am slowly trying to get better…whoops) So the time it would take for me to recount all my experiences and documented feelings would be long, arduous, and put you to sleep, I’m certain.
There are two main points I want to speak on, the most important aspects of what Masterchef has imparted on me.
(1) The people. Its sounds cliche, as I know people in reality shows always talk about “What great friendships they made,” or how they found “friends for life, blah blah blah…” Well, I’m sorry to say, its super true guys. And here’s why: All personal boundaries are completely broken down, throughout the course of filming. You are spending %90 of your day with these people. You wake up, you see them, you get your hair and makeup done together, you eat together, you study together, change cloths–often in the same room (getting hooked for audio in a dress is a …um… really fun experience in and of itself…) cry together, laugh together, burp, fart, puke. Everything. So to say that you have no connection to these people, after sharing all these experiences is a complete fallacy. Not to mention, its people who share so much of your passion. They love to cook and so do I. So it just makes sense. I’m not going to share too much info on this, because inside jokes, shared with third parties is always annoying. I’ll spare you. Just know, we’ll all be doing more cooking things together in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.
(2) You. Yes, all you who are reading this. One year ago, I was certain that I had about 7 people (on a good day) who may have been reading my blog. Now, I have no idea how many people read it… But I’m pretty sure its a lot more than 7. Like probably 17. WOW!! Okay, just kidding. Its kind of amazing to think that my face is plastered on a FOX tv show… Eek, just writing that makes my stomach kinda turn… But, again, it thrills me, not upsets me. I hope that seeing me, along with my other 17 amazing home cooks, will inspire you home-cooks to do what really drives you. If you love to cook, and think you wanna do it more professionally, go for it! Who the heck knows what the future holds?! Or, if you love making furniture, but are stuck behind a desk at work– get out of there!! Trust me, its the scariest leap of faith you’ll EVER make… but there’s a reason. Without great risk, comes no great reward. You have to make big waves, for people to notice.
Before the show, I had a day job at a photo studio, and a consistent client schedule. I lost all that, and thousands of dollars being on Masterchef… But you know what? Now, I’m cooking everyday, traveling, busier than I’ve ever been in my whole life…and the craziest part….Happy. So stinking happy!!!!! Slowly but surely I’m moving towards my dream–A cooking show and a restaurant. Both seem so far out of reach… but I know if I never stop trying, I’ll get there. So many setbacks, so many breakdowns, so many reasons why it can’t happen… But none are as strong as my dreams. My desire, my ambition. My spirit.
That’s the really unique quality about Masterchef, is that it is a show that capitalizes on dreamers. We are there in that kitchen, because Gordon, Graham, and Joe all want us to be the best that we can be, and really fight to make our dreams come true. And for that, I can finally see, I am so grateful.
Finally, and most importantly, I am absolutely astounded by the number of people who reach out to me. I could share a gazillion examples, funny stories and comments about all the people I lovingly call my ‘Fans.’–But what is paramount, is for me to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I don’t know how else to say it. Every single person who follows me on twitter, likes my Facebook pages, emails me from my website, comments on this blog. Every-single-person. I thank you, from the bottom of my heavy heart. I truly am speechless. Its so inspiring to ME, to read all your comments. To see what you like on my Facebook, to read your sweet encouraging words, and your funny tweets. I love it. LOVE IT! I wish I could comment back to everyone! I really really do!!! Because I SO appreciate the time you take to speak to me, and show your love :) Even though I came in third this year, I don’t think I can say a negative thing about my experience. Of course, there’s always gonna be ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’s’ but looking back gets you nowhere. I only look forward, that’s all I can do. And I’m hoping, with all of YOUR HELP, my future is going to be bright :)
A final shout out to: my mom and dad and brother–their massive support and love that is unwavering, Graham Elliot-my mentor, Gordon– for the job offer (which guess what? Yes, I’m taking it :) – My close friends, for their love and support and drying my tears during watch parties, my therapist–self-explanatory, haha, and the lord. Yes, my prayers were answered everyday I was cooking in that kitchen, and I know he has big things planned for me, as he does you each of you.
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! Kitchen Ninja, Becky Reams, signing off….

Author: Becky

I drink good whiskey, I eat great food, I love amazing people. My insatiable appetite for more has propelled me into experiences that only my wildest dreams could have predicted. I do what makes me happy. I COOK and I photograph Food. Food stuffs, food personalities, lifestyle and travel. With a strong belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that the magic is in the details.


  1. Becky, it goes to show what dreams, hard work and perserverance can achieve! You have shown us that on national T.V. I still want u to open up a restaurant here in San Diego, so i can try and apply for a job! Nothing better to enjoy ur job and being fed delicious food on breaks! HAHA! “I FEEL THE NEED THE NEED FOR REAMS”! still love that Top Gun quote i sed to u before! keep it up good luck in your future endeavors, and where is that boyfriend application you were supposed to send me?! HAHA j/k

  2. NICE! I completely believe you will achieve your dreams. I think you and Josh had the most self-determination and drive this season. Sometimes that got portrayed in a negative way, but I always felt you were just so passionate that you couldn’t stop to really choose words carefully so they couldn’t be manipulated. I look forward to your post MasterChef posts about what has always been the most important part of all Food TV shows. The FOOD.

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart! I know you’re going on to bigger and better things. :)

  4. Becky….awesome letter from a super awesome person! I had so hoped the finale would be between you and Christine. I was rooting for my home skillet! (I’m in Overland Park, btw). Wish I had the time and $$ to go to Julian’s. However, I have to work. UGH! And I am SOOOOO glad you’re taking the job Gordon offered! All the best to you, Becky! Keep dreaming your dream and reach for the stars!

  5. So incredibly proud of you! As someone who has loved reading your blog and drooling over some delicious food photos I cannot tell you how excited I was to see you on MC12! You are a rockstar in so many ways and I am so looking forward to following your journey…better yet, dining in one of your restaurants! :)

  6. Becky, what can I say? Your letter moved me greatly, to say the least. Your tenacity and enthusiasm is contagious, and I have actually learned a lot about myself watching you every week. You are a beautiful lady who exudes extreme confidence. Hopefully, one day when you’re running the whole show at your own restaurant, I’ll be able to stop in and give you a big personal congratulations! Regardless, you have a follower and friend for life. May God bless you in everything you do. Regards, Bruce

  7. Becky, when Leon told me you were on Master Chef I was thrilled.

    You did so well and your future is totally in front of you. You inspire me. I saw the promo for next season but I don’t think I am there yet.

    I do miss seeing you on Saturdays at Howard Hughes but your future is so bright
    I can’t even imagine what one day in your new life is like.

    I wish you the best continued success, how can we stay in touch will you keep your website or what.? when you get a chance check our my web site my big season is on the way. If you come to LA you must let Leon and I know.


    Evlynne from Spectrum

    • Ah, thanks Evlynne!!!!!!! I’ll totally still see you!! I’m still living in LA for the time being :) So I’ll make it a point to come in and see you… I need to get my big ol booty back into your spinning class… talk soon xoxo

  8. As long as you have that one reason why it CAN happen, it overides the 1 million things why it CANT!!! I am so glad your taking the job and i see your personality when you write in your blogs! you are awesome, like the “Classy corn, trashy corn” dish you made!! :D :D I for some reason admire you ALOT!! I know your opening a restaurant in kansas city. But i hope you come to NY one day to.. idk… cook for your NY fans!

  9. Thanks for sharing that. I love cooking, I love Masterchef, and I loved this season. Yes, it’s reality TV but as you said its so much more than that. To see a group of human beings come together to do something they love is truly amazing and inspiring. And as much as I thought you would win the whole thing, I have no doubt you will go on to do great things. Good luck in your journey. Thanks again!

  10. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch you leave Masterchef. You were, to me, the most misunderstood and mysterious person in the top 10.
    You did a great job, right up until the end- frogs legs. Sigh.
    You had it all- composure, excellent creativity and technique. Amazing dishes. You soared in the face of adversity.
    Then, somehow…it all slid downhill quickly. My theory, if you’ll permit me, is because at that point of the competition, it was no longer about being better than the other person, but rather what you are made of, who you are as a chef.
    In other words, you were forced to start bearing your true self out there, and that was a task you weren’t ready to overcome. You said it yourself on the show- it would have been easier to be given an ingredient to cook with rather than being allowed to choose whatever ingredient you wanted.
    That’s not a bad thing or a negative comment, it’s just simply my own observation. Having said that, I was rooting for you the whole time…..I wish you the best of luck working for Gordon, I’m sure you’ll have a blast and be quite successful.

  11. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of Becky for the sole reason that she was a snarky bitch towards Monti, saying she’s a “recipe-follower” and needs to go home. But I still appreciated her skill as a chef and found it genuine how she’d explode with happiness whenever she made something the judges loved.

    Once she stopped being such a dick I was all on #teambecky and was devastated when she went home. I feel like she could have easily won Masterchef, but changing her dish during the last mystery box really set her down the road to fish legged soggy ‘taters doom.

    However Becky has a great personality, you can tell from any live segments she’s in it’s not fake, and she’s gorgeous and skilled. Hope she gets her TV show, a lot more than 7 people will watch it, including me.

    • hahahaha!! Thanks Santiago, glad to see I finally won you over :) Monti and I are friends, for what its worth, I love the girl, I really do :) I truly appreciate your honesty and candor.

    • I’m going to make it a thing that whenever someone is the talented frontrunner making everyone jelly on Masterchef we all refer to them as being “a total Becky.”

      Please tweet the deets about your pilot when it’s picked up and good luck in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen.

  12. Hello from the Czech Republic! :) You are amazing Kitchen Ninja :D D I think that you should be winner of Masterchef. I was sad when I watch you in a finall. I wanted you there. So bad. But job in Gordon´s restaurant is also good, isn´t? I wish you a lot of luck! Bye Jana.

  13. Love you B… I’ll visit wherever you end up ;)

  14. Awesome! Beautifully written and inspiring! Thanks so much Becky for showing us that hard work and passion can and does lead ultimately to great success! You were amazing on the show!! #1! And hands down best season in reality t.v. ever in my opinion primarily because of all of you guys! Gordon and Joe are incredibly comical as well. Good luck with everything you do in the future! :)


  15. I found your blog after watching you on MC. Your enthusiasm for what you do is contagious, and I enjoy getting a behind the scenes peek of your cooking through this blog. I hope to see great things come your way! You truly deserve it.

  16. you’re inspiring and a great talent! awesome post. can’t wait to see what comes next for you. congrats on your success!


  17. It was so refreshing watching you on the show, Becky, especially seeing a fellow food photographer with such wonderful cooking skills! You’ve definitely inspired me to learn more about food and improve my cooking, my photos will likely be better for it. :)

  18. Becky,

    I’m shocked your website doesn’t have google analytics. Go get it and slap it on your page! This will give you stats on your website, how much traffic, from where etc.

    Also, where’s the subscribe button? Use to subscribe users. This way you can track how many subscribers you have.

    Hope this helps. If you need any help, let me know! Btw… this is Christine’s husband. :)

    • Oh, hey!!! Dude, I’m so analytically disinclined!!! I need help!! Okay, I’m literally going to that subscribers site now…

  19. Becky, I watched you from the beginning, always remember to do what you love! You are a fabulous chef and you will go very far. Have fun and know how good you are.
    Dreams do come true, I hope one day I will get to enjoy some of your food, I know millions want the same.
    All the best!

  20. Becky, you did great :) I thoroughly enjoyed watching you progress throughout the show, and even interacting with you on Facebook & Twitter during the show. I know you will go on to do great things in the world of food. I wish you all the best :)

  21. Dear Becky, Your blog has moved me to tears! I wish for all your dreams to come true – I know they will. Your encouragement for your readers to chase their own dreams is so important. I will be 62 years old in a couple of months. It seems like yesterday I was in my 20s like you and probably many of your readers. So I also want to encourage your readers to shoot for the stars! Life goes by so fast. Congratulations on all you have achieved, Becky. You’re an inspiration. I’ll look forward to your updates as your career progresses.

    • Beth!!! Thank you so much! That’s amazing! I absolutely love hearing that, and am so happy you enjoyed the show, and rooted for me :) Gives me goosebumps. xxB

  22. I have been rooting for you since I first saw you on MC. I am still rooting for you now and know you will do well Becky. I am sure your hopes and dreams will come true with such a great attitude and outlook. Your letter is very appreciated and meant allot !!

    Never ever give up and as I always say ” To infinity and Beyond…”

    Many hugs


    P.s Which of Gordons restaurants have you picked to work in ?

  23. you can reach me via facebook or on my website/store click Contact me. I am subbing for Leon on Saturday 10 AM H2 wanna come spin?

  24. You got a lot of fans in Europe… we were all rooting for you and would’ve loved to see you in the final!

    BTW we played a little game each week, trying to guess at the beginning of each episode who would do the best crying (every episode of MC mandatorily has someone with tears streaming down their face). Just wanted to say you were a champion at this too. Felix came in first place only because she had three tears (an all-time high) running down her face once but you were good, lots of trembling voice, shaking, knees knocking, etc.

    I know it’s a little weird to rate people by their crying (your pal Monti came in third, btw) but hey, this is Europe, we’re allowed to be weird :)

    Go live your dream and be a super cook, chica!!

  25. I really think I saw more inventiveness in you than any of the rest of the top 18. I say that with no lack of admiration for the rest of a very talented group, one of whom is actually a family friend.

    Your story hits home for me because I’m in the process of making some big changes in my own life. I live on the East coast, but I love to travel and I promise I will find an opportunity to visit your restaurant at least once… even if it’s on the moon.

    I wish you luck, but I don’t think for a moment that your success will be based on luck :-)

  26. You won me over with your sheer love of cooking, amazing talent and magnetic smile. May you succeed in achieving all of your dreams. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Hi,

    I live in Ontario Canada but I an from Montreal. I have been watching MasterChef since it first aired.

    When this season started I was drawn to you and now I know why after reading your blog. Having the love of photography ( I have nt degree in it ) which we both share allows us to have training and experience in how we see and view the world around us.

    Your attitude, excitement, your drive, passion and love you have is so powerful you will succeed in whatever you do.

    I save a beautiful young woman who has compassion, love and a drive in accomplishing what she believes. Your post showed to the world who you are as a person and I respect you for this. Your honesty and passion towards people is a reflection on who you are. Be proud of everything you have accomplished.

    I cannot wait for your first book. Please let me know when it will
    Be available. It has been a pleasure watching you each week and I will miss that. Keep yourself grounded as success comes your way, and it will. Be the person we have seen and know through your blogs. This is the person we all love.

    Thank you for allowing us to write to you and be part of your journey and your life. I know we have not heard the last from you and personally I am do very happy for your success. Your talents, your strengths and especially your
    personality show us a beautiful woman who we all live and respect.

    Be proud and know we ate behind you all the way in this wonderful journey of your. Wishing you all the best. Please stay in touch.


  28. Hi Becky,

    Your enthusiasm jumps off of the page! It is very refreshing to hear a young person that is full of so much energy and optimisim. Your awareness of the importance of
    life and that we all only get one time around is astounding! Again, congratulations and thank you for being so candid. Good luck with your cooking career and anything
    else that you pursue. My I also suggest motivational speaking?

    Best of Luck!!

    • HA!! Who know! Although, I don’t think I’d be the best motivational speaking candidate, I tend to go off on tangents frequently, and perhaps curse too much? haha

  29. Great letter from a great woman! I tried for the first time, frog legs and though of you! Good luck in everything u do my dear!

  30. I must confess… You became my favorite on episode one because you were the prettiest. But as the show progressed, I realized, as I’m sure many other guys did, that there was so much more to Becky than a pretty face. You have so much passion and love for what you do, and much like my now 2nd favorite tv chef Giata, that became the most attractive thing about you. Your smile when you impressed the judges, the way you worked even harder after you gave them something that wasn’t perfect. The worst part about watching the episode where you went home wasn’t the end, it was not seeing you smile for an hour. At the end of the day, it’s not your incredibly, ridiculously cute smile, it’s what’s behind it, that makes you beautiful. It’s so great to see how real you are in this time of fake, manufactured reality tv celebrities. There were some pretty cool people on this season… Frank, Monte, Christine (wow! what an inspiration, I’m still in disbelief how she did all that amazing work)…. But the only restaurant I hope to someday eat at is yours. And if frog legs are ont the menu, you better believe I’m getting them, because if I learned anything about you it’s that failure only motivates you more, and I know they will be amazing! Stay real Becks… Much love :)

    • SO kind of you to say, and I absolutely love that I came across that way to you [and hopefully others]. Its refreshing to hear, thanks so much for your support and for reading my bloggy blogs :) ..Frog legs in my restaurant?…well, not totally out of the question, I think I would do it out of spite… cheers, B

  31. Hello Becky! I m ur fans fr Hong Kong!
    I love to see u guys fight for dream, so touching and encouraging !
    i never cry when i watch any film before but masterchief .
    It’s a little bit disappointed to listen u finally came third in masterchief ( I though you are the champion :D !). But it is so happy to listen u got a offer from Gordon!
    u r chief now!

    Ur food is pretty, awesome, pls keep confident and believe urself. I m also fighting for my dream. Hope my character illustration can famous around the world, hehe! Work hard tgr :)

    Just info u there are little fans fr a far place but supporting u!

  32. Congrats on your great and inspiring performance on what Gordon sometimes described as “The largest culinary competition in the world”, of course in Gordon’s amazing accent. The very odd thing about your ilimination is that you were partially iliminated by the person that you had previously eliminated. That I think is a Masterchef first. I would also like to know the name of the restaurant that you will be working in, as it got even more fabulous considering that you have been employed there. In conclusion, great job on Masterchef and I hope your culinary career never stops getting better!

  33. Hi Becky,

    Thank you for letting us, your fans, taking a peek into your world. I enjoy reading your blogs and can’t wait for the next one.

    This season of MC was the best so far for all you made it fun and interesting to watch even more than this past season of Hell’s kitchen (which I think you could of won if you were there).

    As I watch each episode, I learn to loved and admired your honesty, passion, integrity, confidence and knowledge of food. From the early beginning, you were my favourite to win (I’m sad that didn’t happen) and kinda reminded me of MC season 1 winner Whitney Miller.

    What impressed me the most was how you handled yourself (well, online anyways) to all the haters which to me some where really nasty and abusive. You did it with dignity, style and class which I commend you for that.

    Glad to hear that you are taking Chef Ramsay’s offer and can’t wait to eat there.

    Congrats and all the best to you in the future and hopefully you will make a stop in Canada sometime soon.

    You have my support and love,

    P.S. Team Becky FTW!!!

  34. Becky, I have been scouring the internet to find out IF you were going to take the job offer and I see where you stated you are! I am so glad!! I watch Masterchef from my job overseas (I have been a Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen junkie forever, it seems) and I was really sorry to see you not in the finals (I was rooting for you and Christine).

    All’s well that ends well! Congrats!!

  35. I was really sad to see you go. I was pulling for you to go all the way and really thought that, for the first time ever, the contestant in a reality show I was watching that I really wanted to win would actually win. That didn’t happen, but there was still another first, contestants in a reality show that truly felt real and I found myself caring about even after the shows completion. You were, by far, my favorite, but there were also so many other great people on the show this season, and while I was hoping you’d be the last one standing, I must say Christine would have been my second choice.

    I certainly wish you the best in pursuing your dreams; believe me, most of us wish we could throw aside the mundane world to pursue our true passions. You’re in an enviable position and I look forward to visiting that restaurant of yours someday.

  36. just to tell you, I love to read about people like you following his own dreams, trying to reach something bigger.

    That’s what I m trying to do everyday, and so now i m here in paris trying to be what I studied for. And i m sure will make my days better and better, against all the difficulties.

    As a side, here in paris there’s know some kind of restaurant festival, and hopefully i ll go eating in a alain ducasse restaurant… and i m mesmerized :)

    finally, If you come to paris, say hi and ask, I got maaaaaany suggestions :)

  37. As always, class and passion are contained within. I’m a believer. Love ya Becks

  38. Becky, thanks for taking us all on that ride with you.

    Seems like the world is your oyster now.

    Go seize the day.

  39. Hi, Becky!!!!! I have no idea whether or not you will reply to this, but if you do, I’ll definitely try harder at my cooking skills. You were great on the show!!!! I was laughing the entire time while you talked trash about Monti, thinking to myself, “Wow, that girl is so dramatic and competitive!” But its all good, it kept the competition going. You inspire me soo much!!! I loved the look of your frog leg dish. I really thought you would pull through in the end, but I do love Christine too! She’s so sweet! Well, good luck!!!!!! luv ya!

    • Thanks Laura!! You’re a sweetie, and I totally appreciate your support and kind words!!! Glad you got my sense of humor… lol… sarcasm sadly doesn’t always translate that well on tv… I’m too dry. :)

  40. Well honey,
    I knew people would respond to you and indicate that they either realized or knew from the beginning that you were an actual warm hearted individual that just really loved to cook. I believed that they would say you were #1, you should have won, etc. etc. etc. The real beauty is that you have now opened your heart, after the TV show is over, and they can now see through your words, and impressions that you were not just competetive, but passionate, about food and long life friends.
    You did quite well my daughter, and it goes without saying——–You did what I believed you would do and you exited with humility and professionalism.

    I would have expected no less. Well done Sweetie. Your old man is proud.

  41. Hey Becky…Just got back from India and was not very happy about you not winning..But guess what, we think you already are winner, winning millions of hearts. Hope our paths meet again..(when your interest gears towards Indian cooking may be?) me sometime..

    • Girl, you know I’d LOVE to get some Indian cooking tips from you!!! And I miss you too!! Thanks for your sweet words and encouragement, always appreciated! Our paths will cross again, I promise. And if you ever need another cake, or private chef.. you know who to call :)

  42. Guys, Becky’s dad left the cutest comment. I wish we could Facebook like this stuff, it would get like a billion thumbs up.

  43. howdy! getting caught up on my backlog of episodes for the show and i just watched your elimination episode (:(!)

    just wanted to say i enjoyed this read – you seem humble about the whole thing and it was nice to read your insights into the whole experience!

    just wanted to.. i dunno, give you a drive-by compliment or something. good luck with everything :D

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