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The retuuuuurn of the Mack…errrr…MASTERCHEF– Tuesday August 14th


Anyone get that musical reference? Please? Please someone say yes… okay never mind #fail
Anyway, SO WE’RE ALMOST BACK! I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… Wait just a mere 4 more days! Your supreme patience and much appreciated devotion to Masterchef has just about paid off– After the long last two weeks, for which Masterchef has been on hiatus– we are in the home stretch– The first NEW episode comes back this Tuesday, August 14th! Hip hip hooray!
I’ll be honest, the first week off wasn’t too bad, frankly, I have seriously enjoyed watching all the amazing athletes in London competing in the Olympics. However, this week has been a bit tougher… I’m starting to get antsy… Which is saying a lot, as I obviously lived it all, and know what happens. Even so– I want to see a new episode already dang it! So if that’s any testament, I feel for you all. I am so super-duper-mega-humongously appreciative of everyone’s continued support and patience! But hey, look at it this way, maybe you’ll enjoy the episode more, since its been so long…? Kind of like when you cut yourself off from ice-cream for a week– then bask in the luxury of an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio on a Sunday night… No? That’s just me? Oh okay perfect… moving on.
I got ya some previews!! Goody goody!

So the upcoming episode is bound to be an entertaining one… And I say this, honestly– I have no idea how the episode is going to play out. I see the episodes for the first time, when you do–so much of what shows up is news to me! I of course ultimately know what happens, but the way situations are presented is always a mystery until I see it on TV. And its always exciting! In many ways I re-live the intensity from the challenge, all over again, usually jumping up and down on my couch–or burying my face in a pillow…as my co-star contestants can attest too… Tuesdays episode features us in a real live MICHELIN STAR RATED Los Angeles Restaurant, Hatfields. Um, yeah– talk about pressure. Plus, for all of us, this is the first time any of us have step FOOT in a professional kitchen, let alone a premier fine dining restaurant, such as this one. Hatfield’s is truly an LA institution, and a place, frankly, I can’t even afford to dine at… So… yeah, I was nerrrrrrrrvous. But good nervous, in a way that I knew this would be a defining moment in my life. If I totally botch it, crumble in the heat of the kitchen, I know that ultimately cooking as a career simply isn’t for me (a VERY scary, but ultimately highly possible reality). Conversely, if I manage to hack it (again, a long shot, but I am clueless as to what I’ve gotten myself into), I will [hopefully] have an ah-ha moment, and my most unreal dreams will actually have merit…’Maybe I can actually do this??’ In any case, it’s complete chaos in my brain. Chaos people.
On the up side, aside from me peeing my chef pants… I AM team leader finally– But, I’m up against my biggest competitor in my mind, Frank. He has a strong track record, and he always keeps it together under pressure, which only worries me more. This guy, always stoic, calm, collected– is scaring the crap out of me… Picking teams worries me. Who do I choose? And why? Strategy comes in to play BIG time. For the first time in the competition, I’m actually thinking about game play, in addition to just cooking, all of the sudden my sole focus isn’t just on cooking the best food I can– its now also about playing the best game… Who would Frank pick…? Who does he think I’m going to pick…? Man, so much to think about! Stresses me out…I mean, in a perfect world, what would you do? Who would you pick, and why??

This Tuesday, be sure to tune in friends, we’re breaking the Masterchef fast! Starting things back up with an all new 2 hour episode, on FOX at 8pm CT 9pm PT !!! tweet me at @MC3Becky and check me out at MC3Becky on Facebook
Also, new fun things on the horizon here at The Delicious View… more writing coming your way soon– plus recipes! Caramel meringues with apricot curd and butter pecan ice-cream… anyone?

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  1. In the perfect world I would take Christine and Monti as she know how to work under pressure and then if Monti is unavailable, Josh would be a good substitution but if you get David, no offence to him but trade him for either Christine or Monti if you don’t end up with any of them. The best team would be matched as you, Becky, Frank (Not gonna happen) and Monti.

  2. Hi Becky!

    I am a huge fan and I am rooting for you to win it all! I know that you can do it!! You are such an amazing cook! You inspired me to start cooking some awesome things, and as a 14 year old, I was impressed at how much I learned from you!! Thanks for inspiring me and I hope you win the whole thing!! It would be really awesome if you replied to this post!


  3. 13 years old here. rooting for either you or Christine cause both of you are quite awesome and talented in the kitchen. Hope you guys oull through in this next challenge. Also, why does Joe have to hate on Christine? For once Gordon is the most complementing judge!

  4. I would prefer Thomas Keller’s Bouchon to Hatfields as a restaurant, however I’m confident you got it done in this challenge.

  5. Coat check room? Ouch! Really Joe? I thought he was one of Christines biggest fans. I hope she helps you rock that service Becky.

  6. I get your musical reference but I hate that song. Haha.

  7. “Team Helen Keller”, the blind leading the deaf…. Hahaha!

    This looks like it will be a good episode. Thank God the Olympics are finally over. Time for the Culinary Olympics! Go Becky!

  8. Great previews Bec!!!!! Can’t wait to watch the show on Tuesday.

  9. what was the name of the one dish that was made on the show with the pasta and peas? sounded something like ramulade??

  10. Re: Episode 16

    Wow! That was some incredible cooking at Hatfield’s. Becky, I had no idea you had that kind of leadership quality in you. It certainly didn’t show itself in the earlier episodes.

    Your instinct to choose Christine and Monti paid off big time.

    Can hardly wait till the next episode.

  11. Jonathan said it well. Your deft use of each of yours and Christina and Monti’s strengths is a telling attribute. You got some nice stems :)

  12. Oh man Becky, you don’t have a thing to worry about. If you were nervous, you are a great actress, and no one would EVER have suspected it. It was obvious to me that the judges were impressed, and Joe’s comments were simply glowing. Nice way to step up to the plate. My wife and I always watch, and she feels you are a shoe in for winning. I’m definitely in favor of you, but like you said, Frank is a mean competitor! I got started watching last year when my Dish coworker suggested I watch, and although I’m glad I started, it is better that I can watch commercial free now. I use Auto Hop to skip commercials on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings and it helps me get the hour long show done in 40 minutes. That gives me more time to watch another show, or get to bed a little earlier.

  13. Becky, have you made agnolotti at home since or before?

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