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And we’re in the coooouuuntry!!! Yeehaw! You’d think it would be a complete dream come true for me! Horses, cowboys and GORDON RAMSAY, OH MY!!
Its undoubtedly going to be another whirlwind of an adventure. In the last couple weeks, I have been progressively portrayed as the deceptive, self righteous villain… So. Not. True. Be that as it may, it is what it is. And what it is, is malarkey. The power of what is not shown, is as powerful, if not more so, than what is shown. Make sense? In other words– If 10 people don’t jump off a bridge, but one does. And they only show me not jumping– then I’ll look like the lone wolf– Where in reality, its simply a trick of the eye, if you will…
All in all, I am not saying this to try and plead a case, or ‘explain myself.’ I am simply presenting the facts, in such a way that some may not have thought about before. I adore and deeply respect every one of my MASTERCHEF cast-mates– and wish them all glowing bright futures. I would never disrespect someone now, for the sake of ratings, twitter followers, or god forbid, ‘likes.’ Its simply ludicrous to me to begin with. Social media in and of itself is a powerful tool, but one that is FREQUENTLY misused and abused. However…that’s a rant for another day.
Things that were said on the show are just that…ON THE SHOW. After all, its a cooking competition for a quarter of a million dollars. I was stressed, confused, competitive, and overall experiencing so much stimulus from a million different directions, it was all I could do not to scream, pass out on camera–followed by some sort of delightedly attractive puking on myself…. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic (you know me…) but really, its pretty much that weird to me. Every single day, I woke up and prayed that every person in that kitchen would do amazing things, take pride in themselves, and have fun. I thanked god for each one of them. Because when its all said and done, those people are my family. No matter how many people I make vomit, how many ethnic asses I kiss, or how many tears I shed on another peers shoulder. I will always have a special relationship with all of them. Because its hard as sh** to cook in that kitchen, and for those judges. I don’t care who you are, or what you think you know– you would struggle too. Not only with your cooking, but with yourself– finding who you are, and who you want to be. I learned more about life and myself in my time on Masterchef–than I have in the last decade. True story folks.

Okay, watch MASTERCHEF on FOX tonight!!!!! It’s going to be fun as always– I’m sure I’ll make an ass of myself again (big surprise… I am a huge spaz people… and YES, I really really am ALWAYS that energetic. Those producers couldn’t hold me still if they had a gun to my head) and hopefully cook/fight my way into the next episode–but truthfully, every day is a mystery– no doubt those judges are chomping at the bit to massacre a new home cook and send them packing…Please god don’t be me :)
Love and APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!
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I drink good whiskey, I eat great food, I love amazing people. My insatiable appetite for more has propelled me into experiences that only my wildest dreams could have predicted. I do what makes me happy. I COOK and I photograph Food. Food stuffs, food personalities, lifestyle and travel. With a strong belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that the magic is in the details.


  1. Hey Becky, just saw the sushi episode tonight. That was crazy. Super tough challenge. It didn’t help that David told you to soak the nori (I mean, huh?).
    The way they edited the episode made it extra dramatic and suspenseful.

    I admit I didn’t like you at first. Watching you cook over many episodes however has changed my mind. I really think you have talent. Why else would you keep finishing in the top three? I also love watching your facial expressions, which often reveal a lot of deep thoughts/feelings going on inside. Those eyes are quite soulful…and dare I say, beautiful.

    Even though it’s hard not to cheer for Christine, I really hope you win.

    There better be a cookbook from you out of this at least !

    • Awesome, thanks so much Jonathan!!!!! Keep an eye out for a cookbook in the future!!! Thanks so much for the support– means a LOT!

  2. My family is DEFINITELY routing for you. We’re trying to get healthier by eliminating most processed foods. I was wondering if you could share your recipe/technique for the omelet. I make a pretty good one, but yours was beautiful! :o )

  3. I’d actually be very interested in reading your rant about social media should you choose to write it. I sometimes wonder if the ramifications of integrating it into this show were fully considered. Falsely characterizing you and other contestants as villains and then giving viewers who are fooled by that a direct line of communication to hurl insults at you seems like an…unfortunate decision, to put it as politely as possible.

    • Yeah, its a whirlwind for sure, ups and downs– however, I will say, its amazing and so gratifying to get to communicate with fans of the show. Not only that, but i’m absolutely in awe of the amount of people who support me, and have such sweet and encouraging things to say. Its pretty cool :)

  4. Becky, I want to say I am absolutely impressed by not only your cooking skills, but your fantastic attitude. Frankly you are the best cook in that kitchen. You have all the tools to be a great chef. I am also a chef and I would hire you to work in my restaurant if I had one. Your absolutely gorgeous and your smile could light up midtown manhattan if need be. Go get em girl and God be with you. Win this thing.


  5. Your so amazing. I am just totally impressed with your ability to utilize ingredients and think of things to make.. You really need to win this competition Becky! Go get em!

  6. Hi Becky! Just wanted to say I appreciate this post and I think it’s a great reminder to everyone to not believe everything they see on TV. I am a huge fan/addict of MasterChef but after watching it for three seasons now, it’s so obvious how they manipulate the editing to try to create “villains” and “heroes” throughout, and that’s terribly aggravating. All I care about is who is creating dishes that look delicious, creative and inspired and there is absolutely no doubt you have those mad skillz. (And, I must admit, my partner is rooting for you because he thinks you’re the cutest contestant still in the running.)

    Good luck and your blog is wonderful as well – I’m a follower from this point forward.

  7. Re: Prawn / Corn Dessert episode

    Becky!!! You have a heart of gold giving David your rice. Awesome show.

    I was just wondering about something on the show: When the contestants are given the mystery box challenge or the elimination challenge, how long do you have in real time, to think about what you’re going to make? On the broadcasts , the editing makes it look like it’s immeditaely after the three judges describe the challenge. Do you really have to come up with something literally ‘on the spot’?

    Go Becky Go!

    • Yes! its crazy! We have about 2-3 minutes to think, while the judges are still talking to us– but that’s it!! And THANK YOU!! for all your amazingly sweet words!

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