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Masterchef Monday Update- TONIGHT!


Well you know what today is!!! Masterchef Monday, perhaps one of the only reasons why I look forward to Monday’s… well, actually, yes. The only reason. Tonight’s episode is going to be interesting, as always… and by interesting, I mean highly entertaining on your part, and most likely painful and stressful on my part… You see, I happily and masochistically endure anything culinarily torturous by Gordan Ramsay’s hand– if it means getting to follow my dream… not to mention my spastic moments make for great TV… or so they tell me. On FOX at 8 CT and 9 PT !!!

Which reminds me, while we’re on the subject… YES, I am definitely, 110% , always that energetic. I am always excited, for anything, because the entire Masterchef experience is a phenomenal, surreal, and overall amazing freaking thing! Nothing like I would ever imagine myself doing in a million years. I am from Kansas, not exactly where that stars are born… So when you see my jaw drop, me covering my mouth in surprise, an eye roll, me falling on the floor…whatever– Yes, that is just me. No acting, no overly exaggerated dramatic encore. I’m just… a. big. dork.  Plus, if you were there, trust me, you’d do the same thing. Have you SEEN the crap they’ve thrown at us so far??? Plus, its like you’re constantly at the edge of your proverbial boos block… teetering on the edge, waiting anxiously at what they could possibly throw at you next, to be even MORE nuts, MORE difficult, MORE outrageous. So yeah, I was nearing cardiac arrest for at least half my time spent in the Masterchef Kitchen.

Phew, glad I got that of my chest. :)

And might I add, I am absolutely blown away at the amount of people who are following me on twitter and Facebook, and offering me support, humor, pictures, shout outs, ALL OF IT! I friggin love it!!!!!!! Truly! And I try to respond to everyone I can! I appreciate every one of you– Despite what people may think they see of me on television, I am actually quite a modest person. With numerous, countless insecurities, like anyone else. You think I don’t hear myself on TV, or see my backside and think ‘Oh gaaaaaah, great I’m so glad that’s on national television…[highly sarcastic]….. Eesh, its tough sometimes! I feel as though my self competitiveness, and my desire to be the best I can be, gets confused on TV. Of course I am intense, but like I’ve said before, its only because I am so damn passionate. Seriously. I never wanted to be on TV, to be on TV. I just want to cook or a living. I want people to eat my food. I want to work in a hot ass kitchen. I want to design menus with weird unpronounceable ingredients that I’ve studied and sourced and experimented with for weeks. I just want to be around food, in any capacity… and I want to be damn good at it.

So tonight, you know what you’re going to see??? AGAIN, something crazy, and I didn’t think they could beat offal, or whole rabbits… but they DID! UNI!!!!!

Check out the videos for awesome SNEAK PEEKS!

Y’all are going to enjoy it. Hope you watch, I’ll be live tweeting, WEST COAST  as always, so please drop me a line, and I’d love to answer any questions you have, or just say HI! I love jokes and hello’s.

Okay, one last time, TONIGHT, on FOX at 8 PM CT or 9 PM PT!!! See you then!
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  1. Ni Hao,
    i’m Chinese and live in Chongqing, China.
    i watch Masterchef every week and the only way to get it is to download from internet.
    and i found western dishes are so hard to cook as in china we lack of many ingredients.
    have u ever heard a dish called hotpot, it’s from Chongqing, hope u travel to China one day.
    anyway, i just want to say you are very smart , sweet and most importantly good at cooking. and hope you keep rocking!


    • Hi!!! Thanks so much for your support!! I love hotpot!!! I adore Chinese and (even though its very different) Korean cooking–

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