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My Friendsgiving Soiree

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My FRIENDSgiving celebration was one to go down in history. I could sit here and gab all day about the details, the inside jokes, the small catastrophes ,the raving successes, the missteps, the everythings… but I won’t. All that is truly important here was that I had a lovely small group of people who were kind enough to grace me with their presence on what could otherwise be a rather anticlimactic holiday. Yes, I’m talking to you, all you ‘lost children’ as I like to call you. Those (like myself) who live in cities where the rest of their family does not, therefore, you typically conclude the much hyped social/family surrounded holidays, with the bottom of a bottle of wine, or two…or three… Well, not this year. I like getting all these people together and celebrating with copious about of said wine, but also delicious food, extra helpings of raunchy, perhaps a tad inappropriate humor, and using the time together to forge new relationships with people, and cast new memories to be reveled and savored for the the next years undoubted soiree…

I was delightfully surprised at the great lengths my guests went to, in contributing to the gastronomical celebration. A homemade apple pie (all the way from San Diego, sausage and cheese bites, a richly addictive french silk pie (somewhat reminiscent of this lil beauty made form Thanksgivings past), homemade hot toddy, the undoubtedly most famous of the evenings eatings, the citrus bundt cake, which will go down in history… And you all know how much I love bundt cake, ahem… and of course, the notorious green bean casserole.
In addition to zillions of reasons I’m thankful to the fabulous friends I have, I was especially happy that my little brother came to visit and celebrate this Thanksgiving with me. All the way from wee lil Stilwell, Kansas… Now I would be remiss if not to say I was more that concerned that Los Angeles may prove to be a bit much for him. The crowds, the traffic, the cloths, the fast-talking-social-media-loving people, the hipsters… I can see his wide eyed confusion now, the look of ‘What have I gotten myself into…” You can imagine my relief when on Thanksgiving he laughed, joked, socialized, and above all undoubtedly had a genuinely fun time. He embraced my home, my friends, my driving habits… I was so pleased, and it filled my heart with joy to know that he liked my friends. Not liked, loved. He had a blast. And all the while sporting his reptilian clad boots, Chuck Norrisesque wranglers, and big honest Midwestern smile on his face. Its a miracle he didn’t get eaten alive in Los Feliz… Actually come to think of it, he was probably idolized. Well, perhaps not idolized, that’s why we steered clear of West Hollywood… He really would have been in trouble there…
Special special SPECIAL thank you, from the bottom of my big ol’ perpetually hungry heart, to Anais, Dax, Adriane, JP, Benny, and Brian.
You all fill my life with happiness, laughter, calories and JOY! Couldn’t do it without you


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  1. Beyond stunning photos!!!! (duh!)

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