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Tres Leches Cake : Back to Baking!!

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Let me start by saying, this cake batter calls for ZERO butter, and ZERO oil. Yeah, I was skeptical too… Alas, this was the best tasting cake batter I’ve ever tasted, and it baked up like a dream. A bit of a strange path to a delicious end. I’ve DIED and gone to heaven. Bar none, this is my favorite cake I’ve baked to date…Wow, I love tres leches cake.

The batter is one of those beat the egg whites first, then beat in sugar, then eggs, then dry ingredients. So it kind of came together looking like Marshmallow Cream. And oooo… so tasty, and creamy.
Bake it 25-35 minutes, pull it out and pierce it allover with a toothpick
Pour over this rich, sweet deliriously yummy milk sauce, and let it soak into the cake. Then you repeat, and repeat, and… well, you get the picture. Then just refrigerate until ready to serve.
Its a bit of a process, but by no means an advanced recipe. The final product is this soft, ridiculously moist, and sweet, sugary soaked delight. The best part is the bottom, where the cake browned from baking, and all the rich milk mixture soaked through and sat there. Oh my sugar-heaven dream.
I used Emeril Lagasse Recipe, for which you can find HERE !! Thanks Emeril. The only changes I made are as follows:
I used nonfat sweetened condensed milk, nonfat evaporated milk, 1% regular milk, instead of whole milk, and half+half instead of heavy cream. Also, I didn’t even bother topping it with whipped cream. Its already so sweet and perfect, I just think whipped cream would be overkill, for real. I just serve it with more of the blender milk sauce on the side, and pour a touch more over the cake once its plated to be served.
Then I smuggle any leftover milk sauce and sneakily hoard it all for myself for later…. when no one is looking. Yeah, its that good. Hiding-food good.

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  1. Interesting…. Maybe I’ll give it a try!

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