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Restaurant Reviews for Dummies- Strikes again! The Tripel


A lovely, run-of-the-mill, Tuesday evening seemed like the perfect opportunity to test the waters at a new local restaurant/bar. I’ve been wanting to try The Tripel for what seems like forever now. Translation: a month. The word around the neighborhood is that its kinda cool, kinda trendy, very LA of the moment. Owned by the same people as Hudson House, in Redondo Beach, (also a fave restaurant of mine). The Tripel offers a definitive cornucopia of craft beers from places you’ve probably never heard of, and a well written menu of upscale jazzy bar food. Sounds right up my alley. The vibe is dark and a little moody. One wall is entirely comprised of (what appears to be reclaimed) wood, with carved out words scrolling across if from wall to wall.

Little exposed light-bulbs, that look like they belong in an auto-body shop, hang from the ceiling, and high top tables are adorned with mini tealights. The place is small. Like really small. But in a completely great way. The bar is close enough that from just about anywhere in the restaurant, you can read the chalkboard listing the current brews on tap [at least 15 beers mind you]. Impressive bottled and canned beer [yes, canned] in addition to their tap selections. They have libations for any palate. A lengthy wine list and inventive cocktail list also pads their drink menu.
My top choices: New Belgium’s La Folie. A big bottle sour, split it with someone. SO so good
Hop Rod Rye IPA, a really nice amber–this guy is fairly malty, thanks to the rye.
Also, if you want something lighter, they have some great Hefeweizen’s.. I can’t remember the name of the one we tried…. fail me. Sorry.

The food is pretty sweet too. We took out a pretzel burger, the red curry biscuits with honey butter and beer battered onion rings. All tasty. The burger was meaty, juicy, topped with a slaw of sorts, and aged cheddar, on a pretzel bun. If you still haven’t had pretzel bread, i.e. you’re living in some underground bunker, or abiding by Atkins–both travesties, then you need to. Pretzel bread is frigging awesome. Furthermore, I eat good cheese so infrequently, that when I do, its a thing of beauty, and this aged cheddar was. I Highly recommend.
The onion rings were also a fav. Crispy, but just a bit greasy. Like greasy in a really good way. Classic beer battered-style. The biscuits were delicious, flaky and unusual with their red curry infusion. However, when you serve anything with clover honey and clotted cream in a bowl bigger than the biscuit itself, its kind of like insurance. Its gonna be good.

I recommend checking this place out. The people are cool, and the vibe is chill. It’s Playa Del Rey, so you aren’t going to run into any pretension. Just get a beer and talk to the people at the table with you. We sat at a communal style table and struck up quite the interesting convo with some nice fellows from across the pond. Its always nice to get tipsy, well fed, and well entertained, not matter where you are. In this case, I was extra happy, just I was a hop, skip, and a stumble away from home…
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  1. yum those beers sound delish!!

  2. this joint (+Tin Roof, and MB Post) gives the beach cities hope of excellent gastropuppy food. Glad to see all this beer so close to the beach!

  3. The New Belgium Singles are great. I live in Clororado and have been to the brewery (Located in Ft. Collins) often. The La Folie is a great post bike ride 22oz :)

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