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Restaurant Reviews, for dummies

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I’ve recently started writing articles for examiner, and as such wanted to give y’all a heads up. I’ve always really liked food, and really really liked trying new restaurants, bars, food fairs… anything LA food related. I guess it seems like a natural progression that I would start writing about it. Double bonus: As food photography is kind of the center of my creative inspiration and adoration, this serves as another great way for me to get out there and keep putting my camera lens to good use. And might I say, on some fantastic looking models…I.e. the gorgeous edibles all over the city… nom nom nom…
So yeah, check out my reviews about once a week or so. I try to go places that are either are new to me, (or LA in general, as in new openings). Anything from a place with a killer beer list, or cheap delicious tacos, finer dining, the [so called] best LA burger. Anything.

Have a place I should try?? I’m ALL EARS!
I recently dined at Manhattan Beach Post on Monday night’s opening. You can see it here …as well as some other little write-ups on MoMed and Zengo
A note on writing: I am by no means a pro journalist, nor do I attempt to be. There are some absolutely amazing writers out there–you know who you are, and if you are in fact, I would hope you aren’t turning your nose up, just attempting to decipher my fragmented ramblings….
In any case, I simply like food and love photographing it. I attempt to fuse the two into a slightly cohesive mass of words, in hopes someone will find it useful, or at the very least, entertaining.
Okay, public service announcement concluded.

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I drink good whiskey, I eat great food, I love amazing people. My insatiable appetite for more has propelled me into experiences that only my wildest dreams could have predicted. I do what makes me happy. I COOK and I photograph Food. Food stuffs, food personalities, lifestyle and travel. With a strong belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that the magic is in the details.

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  1. you're doing great Becky, keep it up!

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