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31 Jan ’14
by Becky

Braised Lamb Shank– In a crack head crock pot! Easy!!

Hey all!! Just a quickie today, wanted to give you a heads up about a new video posted up on !!
Braised lamb shank!
Learn how to make my rich and delicious braised LAMB SHANK!! Man, if you think you’re afraid of gamey meats like lamb, I have a surprise for you… this is mega tasty, and a cake walk to prepare. Faster than you can say “crock pot crackhead cookery,” this dinner will be done. DONE! Stay tuned for a more sweet post coming next week, and keep an eye out around the interwebs for pop up cooking tips from yours truly…
And if aren’t already, follow me on instagram! Gosh… @foodiephotog
Becky talking about shanks!

Picture 2

8 Jan ’13
by Becky

Molecular Gastronomy… Time to get the facts straight

It almost goes without saying, that people have a polarized view of molecular gastronomy. Either you love it, hate it, love to hate it, or if you’re anything like my folks, turn up your nose, in confusion.
In any case, there is a whole lotta misinformation out there. Mostly in the form of people making false assumptions, or half-truths, about a topic they do not fully understand.
My thoughts? See here. I talk about the primary themes of this creative, and necessary cooking style. I explain molecular gastronomy in a very la-mans, straight forward way. Plus why its not weird or unhealthy, but on the contrary, making cuisine better, and better for you.
Think you know better? Agree, disagree? Hit me with your best shot…

23 Dec ’12
by Becky

Cookies and confessions

On set for Foodie Next Door at

Why does it seem like I’m always writing, but it’s been for-ev-er since I posted here?! Oh, because it’s TRUE. What the heck man?! I have been writing a ton lately for Whisked Foodie, which is super rad, however, it means that my writing for The Delicious View has suffered… [sad face]. Well, I’m remedying that right now. Some updates, some fun upcoming events, and a little completely-non-cheffy baking. I’ll get to those goofy little cookies, here in moment…

Its Christmas eve eve… already. I. Cannot. Believe. It.
2012 has FLOWN by. What a year, I mean WHAT A YEAR! I swear Thanksgiving was yesterday, and now I’m already avoiding the inevitable packing that has to happen before my trip home tomorrow. Le sigh… I must say, all in all, I’m nothing but EXCITED!! I love the holidays, and this is by far, my favorite time of year. What’s not to love? It’s practically an entire month centered around celebrating with people you love, FOOD, cookies, Booze, dressing up, surprising people with gifts, shopping, and more FOOD! It’s basically my dream. As such I obviously have done more than my fair share of cooking and baking this year. November and December have been ridiculously busy months for me on the cooking front, for which I’m very stoked to share with all of you.
First off, I’m very veeeeeery excited to be a part of a seriously kick butt App, for ipad and iphone, available in the itunes store, called Appetites. Its a cooking App, wherein, you browse through over a dozen different cooking classes, and download the individual class. You watch step-by-step, how-to videos, where we prepare the particular recipe.

Appetites App

It’s SO user-friendly, ANYONE can successfully prepare the exact dish! I have several classes available, including things like my Inverted Carrot Cake, with coconut pecan crumble, or my Savory Bread Pudding with shitake & maitake mushrooms, my Butternut Squash Panna Cotta, Maple-bacon Skillet Cornbread, or perfect Roasted Chicken with salsa verde… PLUS MORE! The cookie-baking classes will drop very soon… It’s a featured App in Crate & Barrel Stores, and was named top 10 App by Apple… Kinda cool. As in, I’m surprised and humbled to be a part of it. Other great Chefs are featured as well, so you get a broad range of personalities and cooking styles. Please check it out, and let me know which classes interest you the most!!! :)
PLUS… as my GIFT TO YOU! Go HERE, and scroll down, you’ll get a code to download Appetites, for FREE!! Whaaaaaat?? For real??? YES, for real!!

Next thing on the docket is something you all are probably sick of hearing about from me, but I’m uber uber uber excited about, and that’s Whisked Foodie. This website is a foodie-playground. All things food, restaurants, tips, tricks, trends, everything about food you could possibly never know you wanted to know, but desperately want to know. I am part of their editorial team, writing articles on all sorts of fun food stuff. Everything from spotlighting figs, persimmons, charcuterie, the best sushi in LA, with reviews! My favorite kitchen gadgets, what I cook for date-night, why I pickle everything, and why I stay in Los Angeles as an under-appreciated foodie-havenYou can subscribe to stay updated when my new articles post, or just check back every couple days, to see what’s new. Either way, I urge you stop by, it would make me really really happy for all my loyal Masterchef fan-peeps took a little look-see :) ) xoxo

Next up, and closely related to my writing, is Foodie Next Door. My COOKING SHOW!!!!! Holy moly! Okay, it’s a web-series, not a TV show, first of all, and its a series complied of easy-to-digest 3-5 minute videos, wherein I show you how to cook a dish of mine. My goal is to prepare dishes that I think home-cooks would find interesting, engaging, and delicious. I know cooking can be intimidtating, especially when it comes to ‘exotic’ ingredients, or misunderstood techniques. Well, I’m here to put all those fears to rest. Scared of cooking shellfish at home? No worries, watch my clams with chorizo and salsa verde episode. I also make things like a pumpkin mousse that will knock your socks off. Looking for a not-so-boring-salad? I’ve got you covered, with a Brussels sprouts and charred radicchio salad, or a healthy green lentil salad with sweet potato and cumin vinaigrette. pork belly with miso caramel, pan-seared duck breasts with homemade hoisen, I explain what gochujang is, and I why I’m obsessed with it. The recipes are both unusual, inventive, and TOTALLY DO-ABLE in your very own home. ALL the videos are located HERE! Please check out a video or two, and let me know what you think! This is just a jumping off point for me, so as I keep making new episodes, I want everyones comments, so I can start cooking what YOU want to see!! I just want to help other home-cooks, like myself, be the best you can be and HAVE FUN IN THE KITCHEN!
You may or may not know this about me, but I am a pretty sarcastic, goofy, first-to-make-fun-of-myself-type of gal. I love to laugh (usually at my own awkwardness) and adore comedy. As such, I was lucky enough to get an invite to hang out with Doug Benson and Karen Anderson, on their cooking/comedy podcast Dining with Doug and Karen. Fast-forward three months, and I’ve now been a guest THREE TIMES!! What the?! I must have done something right, because for whatever reason they keep invting me back. I love them. They are seriously some of the silliest, kindest people, and I’m tickled pink, to call them friends.

I have had the opportunity to laugh til my sides ache, and feed some seriously funny peeps, such as Pete Holmes, Kumail Nanjiani, and Karen Kilgariff My most recent stint, we ate, talked sex + food, questioned the need for raisins as being useless fruit, and argued the origins of egg nog. It’s worth a listen, check it out on, and listen to my earlier stints as well… Oh did I mention I give you a readers digest version of how to infuse vodka with pine, and make the creamiest, 100% VEGAN mousse dessert, with an isi siphon? Yeah, that’s pretty rad too… :)
Holy hell, that’s a lot.
I love you if you’re still here reading. If not, that’s sad, and this statement is completely meaningless.
As for the reindeer cookies? Well, what can I say, I had a major A.D.D moment, and in the midst of some Star Trek-watching-pinterest-browsing, I got inspired. I realized after all the cooking I’ve been doing for Foodie Nest Door, Dining with Doug and Karen, Appetites, and an upcoming Whole Foods demo… I hadn’t decorated ONE COOKIE. Oh the shame… So I spontaneously went into cookie-baking mode and whipped up some super-basic sugar cookies (That, truth be told, aren’t that good. They just taste like semi-sweet biscuits… Simply created as a vehicle for a TON of sweet icing) I colored about 12 bowls of royal icing, and made a giant rainbow mess of food coloring, including getting green all over my hands and face, like a scary, holiday she-hulk.
In the end, I feel the universe is back in balance, even if these cookies don’t make it anywhere but into my suitcase to take back to Kansas. My dad will eat anything.

Some of the little guys suffered injuries along the way… getting packed for transport.

No recipe. They’re pretty straightforward, any sugar cookie recipe will do (I guarantee yours is better than the one I used anyway) and the royal icing I used was a combo of pasteurized egg whites, confectioners sugar, cream of tartar, vanilla, and water. Easy peasy.
Happy Happy HAPPY holidays to all of you. I hope that 2012 has been magical, and successful. And even if it hasn’t been all you’d wished it were, then you’re in luck, because 2013 is bound to be YOUR YEAR! Fresh starts and all..
Peace, & Foodie Love, friends

8 Nov ’12
by Becky

A Pumpkin milkshake for Grownups

Okay this is good, really good. Every once in a great while, I stumble upon something so simple, but so divine. Happy accidents are little mystical gifts that happen ever so often in the kitchen. The story of this recipe is a perfect example.
I was toying with new pumpkin recipes, and decided to try some sort of frozen dessert. I was testing a frozen mousse recipe… and consequently had leftover pumpkin, and some vanilla ice cream in the freezer. As a snack, I made my self one of these– then, being the diehard whiskey fan that I am, thought “Well, what cannot be improved with a hefty swig of whiskey?” Voila. This absurdly simple recipe was born.
A fantastic, boozy, way to wrap up this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. Make these, They’re eaaaaaasy, cheap[ish], delicious, and super duper festive.
Check it out HERE

13 Sep ’12
by Becky

Okay, that happened. My inconceivable journey.



That was a heck-of-a-thing…. The laughs, the tears, the life-changing experience for which is Masterchef.

Side-note: This is a letter from me to you. You’ll find no links, no plugs, no promos. Just me talking about what was, what is, and what will be. That’s it. Hope you take a moment to read on. xoxo Becky

If you would have told me exactly one year ago, that in the near future, I’d be competing on a national TV show, on FOX, with Gordon Ramsay, cooking for Alain Ducasse? I’d have taken your keys away, I told you to quit drinking the crazy juice.
Honestly. I have never been the person with dreams of being on TV, aspirations of Hollywood-stardom, or expectations of glitz and glamour. I have, however, always had dreams. Always had aspirations, and more than anything, always had drive. Okay, so we all know, I’m a lil’ competitive… Kinda grew up that way I guess… sports, art contests, card games, anything. Its just the way I am. I hate when I’m not good at something, and can’t be better. Therefore, I work my tail off to be better. I teach myself things, practice, learn, read, fail, try again. So whether its learning to do a handstand, or properly extract sea urchin, I want to figure out how to do it.
So, rambling aside, this I suppose is how I came to be on Masterchef. I simply did my best to answer all their questions as honestly, and passionately as possible. I gave it my all, all the time. There was never a single day when I did not look down at my watch and think, wow, we’ve been here 12 hours, I’m exhausted, I wish I weren’t here. No. Everyday, when I was exhausted, broken down, sore, defeated, or simply lonely, I closed my eyes and remembered what a beautiful gift had been given to me. The gift of following my dream, and being given the arena to share that with millions of people.
Its still gives me chills when I think about what it felt like, walking into the Masterchef kitchen, Christine on my arm, everyday. We would walk in, slowly moving toward the judges, unknowing what awaited us, poised, nervous, yet anxiously awaiting our next challenge.
I had unbelievable ups, and unbelievable lows. Many times in the same 24 hours. Its gut wrenching to see a friend go home, and the mixed feeling associated are like nothing I’d ever felt before, truly surreal. The highs are unbelievable, because you put your heart and soul into something, and want it to be accepted more than anything in the world. So when those feelings you have, come to fruition, and win over the judges, its the most remarkable feeling, as my co-contestants can attest to.
There’s really too much to say in this post, and frankly, I’m the crummiest typist ever (not afraid to admit that one… although I am slowly trying to get better…whoops) So the time it would take for me to recount all my experiences and documented feelings would be long, arduous, and put you to sleep, I’m certain.
There are two main points I want to speak on, the most important aspects of what Masterchef has imparted on me.
(1) The people. Its sounds cliche, as I know people in reality shows always talk about “What great friendships they made,” or how they found “friends for life, blah blah blah…” Well, I’m sorry to say, its super true guys. And here’s why: All personal boundaries are completely broken down, throughout the course of filming. You are spending %90 of your day with these people. You wake up, you see them, you get your hair and makeup done together, you eat together, you study together, change cloths–often in the same room (getting hooked for audio in a dress is a …um… really fun experience in and of itself…) cry together, laugh together, burp, fart, puke. Everything. So to say that you have no connection to these people, after sharing all these experiences is a complete fallacy. Not to mention, its people who share so much of your passion. They love to cook and so do I. So it just makes sense. I’m not going to share too much info on this, because inside jokes, shared with third parties is always annoying. I’ll spare you. Just know, we’ll all be doing more cooking things together in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.
(2) You. Yes, all you who are reading this. One year ago, I was certain that I had about 7 people (on a good day) who may have been reading my blog. Now, I have no idea how many people read it… But I’m pretty sure its a lot more than 7. Like probably 17. WOW!! Okay, just kidding. Its kind of amazing to think that my face is plastered on a FOX tv show… Eek, just writing that makes my stomach kinda turn… But, again, it thrills me, not upsets me. I hope that seeing me, along with my other 17 amazing home cooks, will inspire you home-cooks to do what really drives you. If you love to cook, and think you wanna do it more professionally, go for it! Who the heck knows what the future holds?! Or, if you love making furniture, but are stuck behind a desk at work– get out of there!! Trust me, its the scariest leap of faith you’ll EVER make… but there’s a reason. Without great risk, comes no great reward. You have to make big waves, for people to notice.
Before the show, I had a day job at a photo studio, and a consistent client schedule. I lost all that, and thousands of dollars being on Masterchef… But you know what? Now, I’m cooking everyday, traveling, busier than I’ve ever been in my whole life…and the craziest part….Happy. So stinking happy!!!!! Slowly but surely I’m moving towards my dream–A cooking show and a restaurant. Both seem so far out of reach… but I know if I never stop trying, I’ll get there. So many setbacks, so many breakdowns, so many reasons why it can’t happen… But none are as strong as my dreams. My desire, my ambition. My spirit.
That’s the really unique quality about Masterchef, is that it is a show that capitalizes on dreamers. We are there in that kitchen, because Gordon, Graham, and Joe all want us to be the best that we can be, and really fight to make our dreams come true. And for that, I can finally see, I am so grateful.
Finally, and most importantly, I am absolutely astounded by the number of people who reach out to me. I could share a gazillion examples, funny stories and comments about all the people I lovingly call my ‘Fans.’–But what is paramount, is for me to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I don’t know how else to say it. Every single person who follows me on twitter, likes my Facebook pages, emails me from my website, comments on this blog. Every-single-person. I thank you, from the bottom of my heavy heart. I truly am speechless. Its so inspiring to ME, to read all your comments. To see what you like on my Facebook, to read your sweet encouraging words, and your funny tweets. I love it. LOVE IT! I wish I could comment back to everyone! I really really do!!! Because I SO appreciate the time you take to speak to me, and show your love :) Even though I came in third this year, I don’t think I can say a negative thing about my experience. Of course, there’s always gonna be ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda’s’ but looking back gets you nowhere. I only look forward, that’s all I can do. And I’m hoping, with all of YOUR HELP, my future is going to be bright :)
A final shout out to: my mom and dad and brother–their massive support and love that is unwavering, Graham Elliot-my mentor, Gordon– for the job offer (which guess what? Yes, I’m taking it :) – My close friends, for their love and support and drying my tears during watch parties, my therapist–self-explanatory, haha, and the lord. Yes, my prayers were answered everyday I was cooking in that kitchen, and I know he has big things planned for me, as he does you each of you.
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! Kitchen Ninja, Becky Reams, signing off….

21 Aug ’12
by Becky

Masterchf Tonight!! See what I give Christine…

Masterchef tonight!!! Those judges are screwing with us all over again…
Check out these preview vids!
Monti is hysterical!!! As per usual… :)

Perhaps not my brightest moment…. ahhhh, this Masterchef kitchen is starting to wear on me… I’m losing my mind

We have to do whaaaat?? Graham is the man– I’m more than just a ‘little’ nervous…

Watch tonight on FOX at 9 PT 8 CT and tweet me at @mc3becky

20 Aug ’12
by Becky

Joined the Whisked Foodie Team

So I have recently joined the food-centric team over at Whisked Foodie!! Covering all things, food, drink, and dining related. Sources from New York, and Los Angeles (me!) cover any and all things foodie! I am writing several articles a week on the topics of
Ingredient Spotlight: I ramble and swoon over the many complexities, history and amazing possibilities of any ingredient of my choice…
Los Angeles News & Trends: Where I chat about whats happenin’ in the city of Angels, always food-centric in some form… think food festivals, gatherings, special dinners, cool new places– **See today’s post about The last of the 5×5 Dinners hosted here in LA at Bouchon later this month.
Restaurant Reviews: twice a month I will review a new restaurant– anywhere from Manhatta Beach, to Hollwood– and I know the good places..
and lastly
Rant: I write about anything, and everything that enters my scatterbrained, gastronomical mind. Fads, my favorite vegetables, ingredients, kitchen culture… anything.
In addition, in the very near future, you’ll be seeing me in action– in a new cooking series!! Stay tuned– You can cook along with me in the kitchen…Details to come soon!

Be sure to check out Whisked Foodie and take a look around– All the writers are amazing (significantly more gifted writers than myself in fact) offering a wealth of knowledge on subjects ranging from bitters and bourbons, to sandwich making for the fiercest critics. Full of recipes, tips, tricks– and all delivered in a very versatile easy to digest format. A bit tongue in cheek, Sarah Spigelman is hilarious, and not a 12 page essay about the nitty gritty details that, honestly, bore you to tears. See all contributors here! including me :) Yay! So excited and honored to be part of the team!!
Stay in the loop and LIKE their page on Facebook
Also follow them on twitter with me! @whiskedfoodie
as always, I’m talkin’ food, movies, life, food, booze, more food, and MASTERCHEF at @MC3Becky and on facebook

9 Aug ’12
by Becky

The retuuuuurn of the Mack…errrr…MASTERCHEF– Tuesday August 14th

Anyone get that musical reference? Please? Please someone say yes… okay never mind #fail
Anyway, SO WE’RE ALMOST BACK! I think I can… I think I can… I think I can… Wait just a mere 4 more days! Your supreme patience and much appreciated devotion to Masterchef has just about paid off– After the long last two weeks, for which Masterchef has been on hiatus– we are in the home stretch– The first NEW episode comes back this Tuesday, August 14th! Hip hip hooray!
I’ll be honest, the first week off wasn’t too bad, frankly, I have seriously enjoyed watching all the amazing athletes in London competing in the Olympics. However, this week has been a bit tougher… I’m starting to get antsy… Which is saying a lot, as I obviously lived it all, and know what happens. Even so– I want to see a new episode already dang it! So if that’s any testament, I feel for you all. I am so super-duper-mega-humongously appreciative of everyone’s continued support and patience! But hey, look at it this way, maybe you’ll enjoy the episode more, since its been so long…? Kind of like when you cut yourself off from ice-cream for a week– then bask in the luxury of an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio on a Sunday night… No? That’s just me? Oh okay perfect… moving on.
I got ya some previews!! Goody goody!

So the upcoming episode is bound to be an entertaining one… And I say this, honestly– I have no idea how the episode is going to play out. I see the episodes for the first time, when you do–so much of what shows up is news to me! I of course ultimately know what happens, but the way situations are presented is always a mystery until I see it on TV. And its always exciting! In many ways I re-live the intensity from the challenge, all over again, usually jumping up and down on my couch–or burying my face in a pillow…as my co-star contestants can attest too… Tuesdays episode features us in a real live MICHELIN STAR RATED Los Angeles Restaurant, Hatfields. Um, yeah– talk about pressure. Plus, for all of us, this is the first time any of us have step FOOT in a professional kitchen, let alone a premier fine dining restaurant, such as this one. Hatfield’s is truly an LA institution, and a place, frankly, I can’t even afford to dine at… So… yeah, I was nerrrrrrrrvous. But good nervous, in a way that I knew this would be a defining moment in my life. If I totally botch it, crumble in the heat of the kitchen, I know that ultimately cooking as a career simply isn’t for me (a VERY scary, but ultimately highly possible reality). Conversely, if I manage to hack it (again, a long shot, but I am clueless as to what I’ve gotten myself into), I will [hopefully] have an ah-ha moment, and my most unreal dreams will actually have merit…’Maybe I can actually do this??’ In any case, it’s complete chaos in my brain. Chaos people.
On the up side, aside from me peeing my chef pants… I AM team leader finally– But, I’m up against my biggest competitor in my mind, Frank. He has a strong track record, and he always keeps it together under pressure, which only worries me more. This guy, always stoic, calm, collected– is scaring the crap out of me… Picking teams worries me. Who do I choose? And why? Strategy comes in to play BIG time. For the first time in the competition, I’m actually thinking about game play, in addition to just cooking, all of the sudden my sole focus isn’t just on cooking the best food I can– its now also about playing the best game… Who would Frank pick…? Who does he think I’m going to pick…? Man, so much to think about! Stresses me out…I mean, in a perfect world, what would you do? Who would you pick, and why??

This Tuesday, be sure to tune in friends, we’re breaking the Masterchef fast! Starting things back up with an all new 2 hour episode, on FOX at 8pm CT 9pm PT !!! tweet me at @MC3Becky and check me out at MC3Becky on Facebook
Also, new fun things on the horizon here at The Delicious View… more writing coming your way soon– plus recipes! Caramel meringues with apricot curd and butter pecan ice-cream… anyone?